Night Shift Scare

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Before I begin this might be kind of long, But I want to give you all a little background information about where I work. I work at a local coffee shop that’s located in an old Missionary town that is a little older than 200 years old. The shop itself is only 20 years old, but is built over a Native American burial ground.

Everyone who has ever been hired at my work knows about the several ghosts that are said to be “living” at the coffee shop. Now some of them don’t quite believe in the paranormal, but I have had enough encounters with something during the late shift far too often not to believe. Sometimes I will be restocking beans in the back and will hear a very clear male voice saying something along the lines of “hey there” or “hello miss” right in my ear, or an ocasional sound of something moving in the back when no one is around. It is never anything particularly malicious or anything, but still very off putting to say the least. But this one occasion that I will be going into detail on is different.

It was a normal closing shift like any other, My coworker, let’s call her Sofia and I swept and mopped the floors, did all the dishes and tidied up the shop. We were both exhausted as we don’t really ever get to sit down, or rest because we are always doing something at this job; so we tried to finish up quickly and get home. We went around one last time making sure everything was in place for the morning shift and I turned the music off.

It’s always eerily still right when we’re about to lock up, but for some reason when it is Sofia and I on closing shift weird shit always seems to happen. Well I will admit that Sofia and I are always talking about the ghosts that haunt the building and our strange experiences with it but I doubted that it contributed to further paranormal happenings.

At this point Sofia and I are talking about how we did such a good job and about how we are both really tired while making our way to the front door. Sofia is a couple feet in front of me by the register and I am just about the exit the kitchen when for no particular reason I look up at the monitor that is right above my head.

The monitor is usually in color, but the moment that I look up at it it changes to black and white and looks as if something had tried to knock it over.

There was a sudden flash on the monitor, not like any kind of bug or animal; but like orbs that you see on those cheesy paranormal reality shows. Sofia and I both look at eachother and I say “what the hell, did you see that?!” And right as I say that she looks at me with big doey eyes and asks if I had heard that weird sound. I hadn’t heard anything, but I thought that it was strange that she heard something at the exact moment that I saw something on the monitor.

“No,I didn’t hear anything but something tried to knock the monitor over..what did you hear?” I asked Sofia as she stood there staring at me in shock. “It was like a loud knock? It sounded like something falling over, but I can’t recreate it.” Looking up at the monitor camera that was facing towards the main sitting area it seemed fine. Nothing was out of place or anything.

While that was really weird, we sort of shrugged it off because we really wanted to get the fuck out of there. I grabbed my keys, and turned off all the lights and fans inside the building.

“Dude that was weird, why does it always happen when we’re alone?” I asked Sofia, pressing the the lock code into the security system and locking the door behind me. “I’m not sure but-“ the alarm to the building went off, sounding like the alarm in the purge movies. This scared the shit out of me because it never ever happens to me, I make sure if doesn’t.

I always double check that everything is closed and off before setting the alarm up. We stood outside in shock of the horrible, almost unbearable sound the alarm was making. I called my boss, and she told me how to turn off the alarm, and everything seemed back to normal. But for some reason the dark and creepy feeling that was there since the first incident minutes before was still there, lingering. Looking into the darkness I locked the door back up, but this time neither of us said anything about the ghosts or our encounter.

Now I can’t say for certain that it was a ghost, but it is just strange that I have had so many weird situations like this happen to me in the short year that I have worked there, and it always happens after I speak about them. And to be quite frank I don’t think that I will be doing it again.

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