Night bike ride

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Growing up I always wanted to go on a bike ride at night, something aboyt it just seemed so cool to me. It wasnt until i was 13 that my mom finally let me do it.
She told me to wear a helmet,take a flashlight,and my phone, after that she set my perimeters which was around 4 miles. And that was a lot for me,as you couldve guessed, as soon as the sun set I was out.

I love it.There were no people out walking their dogs, No kids running around, and the temperature was perfect,ect…It was really fun, so fun,that I completely ignored the limits my mom set.You see where I was biking was all walking paths.It was one of those grassy areas between two neighborhoods.Theres this long path that went about 600ft at a 25 degree angle.I was flying down a hill, having an absolute blast. And I darted right through my limits.

My Mom set these limits for a reason.Everything on the inside was close to houses and people.The outside,more specifically,The place I was on lead to,was barren.I rode along this path for 10 minutes before I could only see some of the lights of the houses inside the limits.

After about 15 minutes of riding along the dirt path,I hear singing.It sounded about 30-40 feet infront of me. I stop riding to hear it better. It was a womans voice.She was singing Eleanor Rigby by the beetles.But she wasnt singing the words,Just the melody of the vocals.Her voice was strange.You know how u get phlegm in your throat, your voice gets scratchy? Well, thats what she sounded like.

I inch forward to try and see her.I get close enough to see the silhouette of hair bouncing up and down,like she was head banging.I decide to get my flashlight out. Im thinking maybe this person is in need of help or something. Or maybe shes an insane person,and if i point my flashlight at her she will be scared away.So I take out my flashlight, point it at her, and turn it on.The moment the light hit her, she stoped moving completely.She was facing away from me.She had disgusting hair that seemed to be sticking together in clumps.Some of her hair was ripped off,too.She was wearing a very over-sized bright red hoodie. I was almost to scared to move.I think she was,too.I conjured up as much bravery as I could,and said “Sorry” in a very, oops-this-is-the-wrong-room,kind of way.She didnt respond.

I turned off the flashlight and put it back in my pocket.Just as I was turning my bike around,She screams in an awful,awful high pitched voice.I damn near shit myself as I was getting back onto my bike.I hear her voice getting closer to me,I book it as fast as I can.I dont look behind me,and I definitely dont stop pedaling.Her screaming grew quieter and quieter, until it desolved into the howling wind.As soon as I got home I told my mom, she immediately called the police and explained everything that happened.They checked out the area where I said it happened.And you guessed it,they didn’t find her.

Im 16 now, and even still to this day I get creeped out just thinking about that night.So even though it might seem cool to test the limits and all, you never know who or what is lurking out there waiting for you.

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