Night at the park

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I am a 15 year old guy, when this occurred i was 9, i’ll just say i live in a small town somewhere in the countryside of england
It was my brother’s 12th birthday, we and his friends were thinking to go to a park about 20 mins from us, our mum warned us not to go there too late, but we didn’t listen, we just hung out a bit at our house before going out, just 20 mins later near the park I pointed out it was pretty dark, i looked at my watch and it was already 22:00
but i wasn’t worried about it, the park gate closes at about 30 past so we had some time,
but when we played hide & seek for those 30 mins it felt like just 10, we walked back thinking its still open but it was shut, my friend said wee should stay there for an hour and then we’ll climb out above the gates, we all agreed, we went to the lake across the park, just looking at the stars, i looked across the lake and there was a mysterious black figure looking at us, he had a rusty old iron blade, i tried to tell my brother but fear sealed my mouth shut,i started pointing at that guy, then my brother saw him, the black figure started sprinting at full speed, straight for us, my brother screamed, “RUN! SOMEONE’S CHASING US!”, then i started a full on sprint going after the older ones, the mysterious figure called out, “Come here you Bitches, when I catch you I’ll slit your throats”, we started running even faster, fear made my legs tremble, i nearly fell over, finally we found our selves near a fence, we climbed on a tree as fast as we could, and jumped across the fence, my friend hung him self on a spiky edge of the fence with his shirt, but after few seconds of wiggling his shirt ripped apart, then it was my brother’s turn to jump, he has hung himself too but succeeded on not ripping his shirt, after we were all behind the fences we ran as fast as we could to the main road, I checked the time, it was 23:48,we headed straight home, when we arrived we laughed about it, but i was paranoid, i checked if all the doors and windows down stairs were locked multiple times.

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