New year terror

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Despite seeming to be a glutton for paranormal encounters, I always say I would avoid it if I can help it. 2015 was a year when I really wish I could’ve helped it. If I had that ability, I probably would’ve been able to leave the year without one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. Hopefully, this story will be believed, because I don’t want views, I just want to relay this so I can get it off my chest.

I have a friend named Alexander who’s a fan of the RPG Dungeons & Dragons. He is convinced that the game has supernatural or paranormal origins. My female friend Grace and I told him multiple times that he’s crazy. He kept insisting that playing the game would release something. I heard crazy stories about people taking it too seriously and he was the wizard, so I had a feeling that if he believed it, I would get dragged into somehow, since he seems to deify and worship me, like I should solve his matters. It turns out that he did drag me into a huge matter that I regret agreeing to help him with to this very day. Then again, if I didn’t help, he would’ve just roped someone else into it.

He called me on December 30th at about 11 PM and told me he was really scared. Being half-asleep, I just asked “What?” He told me that he was fully convinced that he had accidentally summoned a succubus. Understandably, I was not believing it for a second. He usually had sudden flights of fancy just to get attention. I asked him what made him so sure, and he told me “A demon came on me and said she would fuck me until I died.” I was seriously annoyed at that point. My friend was convinced that a demon told him something like that. I explained to him in my calmest voice that if he was indeed dealing with a succubus, she would be more forceful than that. He kept insisting it was true. I told him that he needed to do 3 things. Take a hint, get a life, and let me sleep. He promised me a set of trading cards if I helped. They were My Little Pony trading cards of all things. Though I’m not a big fan, I figured I would give the cards to my friends. That agreement ended up being a mistake.

The next night, I brought another female friend Natalie with me. She didn’t want to come, but I was able to convince her by promising that we would have something to deal with. Her mood was sour the whole time Alexander was telling us what happened. I asked him if we were supposed to sleep in his room while he slept on his couch. He shook his head and said he wouldn’t be spending another second in his room or house, so he went to a hotel. At this point, Natalie was extremely annoyed and I was too. I told her that she could leave if she wanted, but she told me, if I was being forced to stay in another person’s house, she would stay to make sure I didn’t break anything (even though I’m far from clumsy or stupid).

At midnight, we were bored out of our mind. In fact, Natalie suggested we try to summon something like Alexander. I laughed and said as a joke “Oh Satan, send us the demons of the sexual manifestation. Give us the pain of demonic rape!” We both cracked up and eventually got to sleep at 1 AM. I woke up a few hours later, the clock clearly was shining 4:13 on the wall. I looked up and screamed in terror. First off, I know I was awake, because I NEVER dream about these things. There was a . . . person I guess on top of me. She had the face of a lovely young woman, but the body of an old woman. I was trying to tell her to get off, but she was so terrifying, nothing came out when I opened my mouth. She started to scratch and claw at me and the pain released my voice. I looked to my left and saw Natalie swatting at the air like she was trying to fight off flies. She was screaming to get out of her body and I knew she was facing an incubus. I decided that the only way to end it was to fight back. I threw a hard hook at the succubus and got her square on the jaw. She hissed and disappeared. I threw a shoe at Natalie’s head and hit something. She immediately relaxed and so did I. The next night, I told Alexander what happened. He said that he was right all along. I continued to think this only happened because I was dumb enough to challenge Satan himself and asked for the attack.

To this day, Alexander hasn’t called, texted, or e-mailed me. Natalie ended our friendship and blamed me for the pain she had endured. When I told Grace, she didn’t respond, but gave me a look like I actually wasn’t crazy. Even now, I still have incidents where I see the same figure crouched on top of me. I can feel the pain of her performing these acts and I can feel like it’s real. Although, next thing I know, I’m in my bed, alone. Am I still dealing with a succubus? I really have no idea, but I only have that nightmare during the final 2 weeks of December. Not every night, but one or two. I really hope it”s just a dream, because living my life in fear of producing a human/demon seed is even scarier than my experience.

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