Never Again

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I live on a large piece of land near the green river, specifically in Kentucky. 243 acres to be exact. But despite being so large, we only have so much to hunt, fish, and ride for wheelers on. There weren’t many roads or fields so we mostly used the place for hunting since the only pond we had was too small for bass so we used it for bluegill and sunfish. So without any more explanation, let’s get right into the story.

This took place when I was 15-17 years old. It was deer season, and since I had school we only went on weekends. This was the third so far, and I had only seen a doe. But of course, i shot her. So anyways, I was in a tree stand on the edge of the first field you get to on the logging road, it was almost night and I hadn’t seen anything but a few turkeys pass through to get water out of the small pond I was talking about earlier. I was leaving at this point due to boredom and doubt, that was until I heard a pack of coyotes howling down at the edge of the field. I got excited and grabbed my rifle, aiming in at the group but, there was only one. It was huge and oddly tall, loud as hell and sounded like a whole group. I thought this was weird but I continued to aim, slowly squeezing the trigger. And I will be serious when I say this, I will never feel another “GTFO” feeling like this again, the coyote looked directly at me, and I soon realized it was standing on its back legs. I almost screamed as I noticed it had ribs that hung out of its sides, and it’s eyes glew a bright yellow. And in a panic I fired at the creature, it let out a heart dripping scream as it began to charge towards me. Now, this field is about 260 feet long so I continued to fire. I stopped when I saw the creature drop. I let out a sigh of relief as I began to walk over to the body, but about half way there it stood up and ran off in another direction. I stared in amazement but soon snapped out of my trance and reloaded, I fired more but missed every shot do to its speed. Finally I felt safe as I saw headlights coming off the road. It was my dad, he said he heard my shots and thought I had gotten attacked by something so he came as soon as possible. I explained everything to him back at the cabin but of course, he never believed me. I finished the conversation off by saying these exact words, “bullets are expensive, why would I waste over 20 shells for a joke?” He told me some people are stupid, and went to bed. And that was all I ever saw of whatever that thing was. I did some research and I’ve come to the conclusion of it being a skinwalker. Whatever it is, next time I see it I’ll put even more shells into it’s ass.

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