Nahuales (Skinwalkers)

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Hello I am a 25 yr old male this is a story I was told by my grand mother before she started losing her memory due to old age ,  story starts off in San Luis Potosí Mexico , my grandma during the time was only 19  she’s in her late 80s now, in the town she lived in her dad was an important man and her family was very wealthy allowing her to live a privileged life ,

my grandma was aware of this and she at times would feel guilty and bad seeing how good she had it and how many Indian tribes there were living in poor conditions o starving so she would go bring food to the Amerindian kids .

From an early age my grandmother was very intrested in the occult and the brujería ( witch craft) the Indian tribes practiced though much of t was kept in secret due to the strict racial division and the strict Catholic Church , so when she heard about a group of kids at one of the Indians village being nahuales ( skin walkers) she became overly excited and had to go see them. Apparently these kids would transform into animals o into werid animal human hybrids for food o cash .

When my grand mother did arrive with food and gifts she asked the children haz la sorita ( do the little fox) at this and seeing she had gifts 3 of the 5 kids before her eyes grands formed into foxes the other two transformed into lankey humanoid figures with fox head , she found this to cute and adorable so she made it a habit to come visit them othen. She than found out there was many other nahuales living in that village some even in her town some weren’t full native but mestizo like her , she than found out some people were born nahuales while others learned how to do it through a process of animal blood and rolling in dead peoples ashes.

Over the years the Catholic Church gained more power and the gOvernent became more corrupt and racist and driven many of the Indian villages towards the mountains and country side and away from the towns folk with them the nahuales left as well.  I’ve always been intrested in seeing one myself I’ve read that during the colonization of Latin America the Aztec empire would use nahuales in their army to sneak into conquistadors camps at night and kill them during their sleep.

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