My worst night

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I live in Alaska so it gets pitch black out early so this technically happened in the

late evening but whatever. Anyhoo I just got back from a shopping trip to the mall with Mom

and went into my bedroom to de-tag and remove labels from my stuff I just bought. And after

a little bit I began to settle down and was busyrereading my favorite book “Sea spell by:

Jennifer Donnelly” (The 4th book in the saga) for the 8th time.

As I finished chapter 12 I heard a weird noise like the ones you hear with magic mirror

effects in movies I thought nothing of it at first. I began to feel pressure between my eyes

but odd enough it didn’t hurt just felt weird again I thought nothing of it. I was shocked to

feel a burning tingle in my throat and grabbed the big glass of water on my bedside table

and took a few sips waited a minute and it didn’t work, but I got a little scared when I tried

to speak and couldn’t.

Things went silent as I waited to get my voice back. Then I heard the shimmery metalic

sound again and decided to investigate. So I stepped out of bed and looked at the mirror

for a minute or two and gave up and not a split second later a man strongly resembling my

birth father appeared in my mirror attached to my dresser. I felt relived for no reason

before I noticed that his eyes were black with charcol grey pupils like a snakes. Then my relif

turned into raw fear. I froze with my adrenaline going haywire and couldn’t move to save my


It looked at me intently I thought oh great the thing is sizing me up. Then to my horror

his hand exited the mirror. It confidently walked out toward me and was probably sizing me

up still. Then it brushed a strip of hair out of my face and I felt a shot of bad energy shoot

from where he touched me. I was to scared to notice that he was inches from my face. and

then it kissed me. It said “What a strong soul” and laughed your stereotypical demon laugh.

Then disappeared faster than I could blink.

I managed to break the trance I had been put in and collapsed to my knees. Then my

phone vibrated It was my mom saying dinner was ready. I willed myself to stand and did.

And went upstairs and ate in silence. Then I want to bed and fell asleep almost instantly once

I got to my bedroom in my day cloths.

Help me what in the world was that thing? How do I protect myself and others? Darkness I

need your expertise.

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