my wendigo encounter

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So what i’m about to tell you happened 2 weeks ago. So I was going on a trip to my grandparents place witch is about a 1 hour drive. The road leads through a huge forest nearly 45 minutes of the drive there. so I was leaving with my parents a 6 p.m and it was almost night.

So through the hole drive it was going to be night we asoumed.

So half an hour went by and it was pitch black outside and only our car’s headlights and the moons light were giving all the light we had.

Suddenly as I was watching through the window I will mension that we where going slow just to avoid any slippery turns. so as I was looking through that window and god I regret looking out of that window. the corner of my eye caught something so I immediately turned my head to it’s direction what I saw will mark my heart for my whole life. There in the dark woods was a pail white almost figure and by the only light of the moon that was on the woods I saw it’s face.

Suddenly it moved it’s head towards me. this two red eyes wI’ll mark my heart forever they were like portals straight to hell.

I was in terror. the creature lead out a high pitch and almost squeaky scream that we all heard. then my dad and my mom looked at the direction of the scream the creature now standing on it’s hind legs must have been easily 7 feet tall. my dad immediately got the fuck out a there. the creature lead out yet another scream then runned towards the woods on all fours. we were petrofied. it must have followed us because as if it was a one way road around as in the black and foggy woods we could hear branches breaking loud leeping above us throughout the drive.

when we arrived there I  immediately told my grandparents to go inside they listened and they went in asking what is going on “we will explain later. Just get inside” I answered with a scared voice. so after we got inside we locked all the doors all the windows and as I said we explained what was going on. they weren’t scared. they were rather curious and asked as “are you sure of what you saw?” my dad answered “100% prescent sure”. suddenly out on the window that I was looking out of I saw them again. the same eyes as I had seen in the car.

I immediately screamed and pointed at the direction of the monster.

then my grandparents saw it two. then my grandfather said we are screwed like he knew what it was. then I immediately asked my grandparents “do you know what that thing is?” and they answered “it is a wendigo”. a few hours went by and we were all sitting on the living room cuddled up together my grandfather and my dad both holding 12 guege shotguns.

after a long time my body finally decided to fall asleep. 2 hours or so later I got up by the feeling of being watched and then yet again through the wooden door we had separating the field outside witch was owned by my grandparents with the house were the same giant red eyes I held my breath. then it started moving towards the other window that I was attended to close next to that door.

then I remembered I hadn’t locked it up and at the same time I saw that everyone was sleeping.

I was all alone and the creature was through th lock and as if it was climbing slowly I picked up a 12 m.m python that my dad gave me just in case I coked it and I was ready to shoot the thing but suprisingly from my prespective it stopped on the floor on it’s four legs it was higher than me even if it was on it’s four legs. then I could really see the things figure it was all pail and almost white with some of it’s ribbs were showing. then I heard a voice in my head saying in a deep demonic voice “hello” and then I left closing the window.

then I thought to myself “it wasn’t going to hurt us and then I saw the creature going back to the forest. then it staired at me and waved at me. heading to the woods it lead out another scream. you may not thing that this is a real story but what I saw that day will hunt me for my whole life.

thank you for listening to my story. I would really love if you could read my story on a later vid of yours.

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