My uncle’s story

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Hi, my name is bobby I’m from India. My uncle was an army officer but now his retired well every time he come to our house me and my brother exactly sit down and listen to his stories every time but this one particular story my uncle said always scared him till now whenever he tells the story The colour from his face drain. This happened to him when is was a training officer a boyscout he was the best one in camps

he even catch snakes with bare hands everyone felt safe when he was around. So he was in the camp with very few people him and other 5, they were in a forest where people said it was haunted. They being they make fun of it and laughed about it and said some story’s that they heard from people.

Well night went on it was time for them to sleep so they weren’t juniors so they know.

They did not put off the fire as this sir told there are wild Animals don’t put off the Fire they went into there camps two in one 3 camps as my uncle with drifting off to sleep they Heard laughing from out side everyone came out of there camps seeing each other asking who the is that it wasn’t one laughing too many people laughing they looked around saw no one then a voice said “Run before it’s too late” in hindi our language that to deep they ran leaving all there things out of the Forest where there sir were in a van and they said everything this sir believed them because he heard it too here’s a picture of the Forest.

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