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When I turned 13 my cousin gave me his old Kenny plush as a gift for my birthday. After I got it I got some really scary dreams the first dream was that there was a zombie outbreak and I was being eaten alive and I felt the pain in my body and when I woke up I still felt the pain. After a few more really creepy dreams I decided to put it up on my shelf above my bed and after that I didn’t get anymore of those creepy dreams dreams.
During Christmas break My friend came over and he invited me to sleep over at his house. When my friend saw it, since the character is Kenny he thought of the idea to hang it. So I went to grab it when I took it down I got the chills and I started to feel a bit sick and i felt like I had a fever. But that didn’t stop me from hanging out with my friend.
When we got to his house we hung it and let me tell you it was pretty funny. After that we went to the Dana point harbor for the Christmas boat parade. When I left his house I felt better and I felt like I didn’t have the fever anymore but when I got back I got the chills but not the fever. Instead I got the feeling of dread. When I got home from my friends house I put the plush back on the shelf and the feeling of dread and the chills stopped right away.
Recently I went to different friends house and I spent the night and I took the plush so we could hang it on his fan and let it swing around his room. When I took it down I got the feeling of dread once again. Later that night I had a creepy dream that I was in my house and Sam from the movie Trick ‘r Treat was chasing after me because I broke one the rules. After while of him chasing me he grabbed a glass and broke and Shanked the side of my body. It felt so real that the whole day the side that was shanked in my dream was really soar to the point that if I moved it hurt.
I have two of these Kenny plushes one of them is dead Kenny and the other is the normal one. The normal Kenny is the one that gives me the creepy dreams and the feelings of dread and now it sits on my shelf collecting dust.

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Salt does Help I Dabble in witch craft and i have bond a spirit to a Plushy of mine his name is Carl The spirit not the Plushy anyways Carl started to give me strange dreams so i put salt around the plush and he stopped i also gave him small offerings of coins food and flowers he is very sweet now


Sometimes witches like to bind negative spirits to random objects as a way to remove them from their space… maybe that’s what’s happened to this “kenny” you should discard it immediately… sometimes this spirits can move around the area even though they are bound to an object… although generally not very far… don’t burn or destroy the item though because that won’t destroy the entity just… release it… and since you’ve picked up on its presence… it may just hang around you from now on… if you can’t remove it… for whatever reason I suggest placing some Black Tourmaline under your pillow for protection or by placing a circle of salt around the object to make it less willing to go and explore…