My Sister’s Apartment

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This is a true story that concerns both me and my sister:

My sister was accepted into medical school in St. Louis, MO in 2014. She moved into a very cheap apartment as it was all she could afford given the university’s high tuition fees and expenses. The buildings in the apartment complex were very old and run down. The complex itself was in a very unsafe part of the city and the surrounding area was very eerie and desolate. She told my parents that she felt uncomfortable in her apartment and would often feel as though she was being watched. My parents brushed her concerns off as nothing more than minor adjustment difficulties. After all, it was her first time living alone and being far away from home.

As months passed, my sister’s fears worsened and she told my parents that she was having trouble sleeping as strange noises from outside her window would wake her up in the middle of the night. She was too terrified to investigate these noises and instead kept her curtains closed and hid under the covers, until she was able to go back to sleep.

My parents became increasingly concerned for her well-being and they asked me to fly out to St. Louis to keep her company for a few days. Spring break had just begun and I had enough time to kill so I didn’t mind.

She let me crash on her couch for the week. At first, I didn’t notice anything unusual or strange about the apartment. Sure, it wasn’t the nicest apartment that I had seen but there wasn’t anything particularly frightening about it.

One night, she woke me up and told me that she was hearing the noises from outside her bedroom window again. I was still half asleep but I told her I would check it out for her.

When I got to her room, I heard what sounded like footsteps and tree branches hitting the window. I quickly opened the curtains and peered outside. I couldn’t see anything because it was completely dark. My iPhone had a flashlight app, so I opened the window and held my phone outside. I slowly moved it back and forth. I froze upon seeing a man staring right back at me. His face was pale and he was wearing a hooded jacket. He stood there smiling feverishly at me. I heard a scream from behind me and I almost dropped my phone. I turned around and looked at my sister. She was petrified. When I looked back outside, he had vanished.

I called the police and reported the incident. They searched the premises but found no sign of the man. The officers told us that the man we had seen matched a description of a suspect that was wanted for questioning in the disappearance and murder of two females from St. Louis but they had never been able to get in contact with him. My sister was extremely frightened and we both boarded the next plane home that night.

My sister was too traumatized to return back to school let alone the apartment. She decided to take time off from school and stay at home for awhile before eventually resuming her studies at a medical school closer to home.

I’m glad that she is safe and far away from that man. It still bothers me that he was never found and I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if my sister stayed in that apartment all by herself.

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