My Sasquatch Encounter

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This was god knows how many years ago. All I know is that I was very young. I can’t remember a lot, but I do remember… it.

My friends and I were playing a game in the middle of the woods called “Camouflage”. It’s sort of like Hide and Seek. Basically, The person who is “it” stands in one place. The hiders then hide all around that person, but you have to be able to see the seeker. You then have to try and sneak undetected to a designated safe zone, and the game ends when either everyone either has been caught or makes it to the safe zone.

My strategy for this game is mostly hiding rather than sneaking. I would usually hide a ways away, but to the point that I could still see the seeker. I was a little far, which in turn made the game harder for me to survive, but I never minded. I always liked being alone. But the woods can always be a little nerve wrecking. You never really know what could reside there. It can really make the imagination run wild. Plus you kind of always feel like something is watching you.

It was about 2 o clock, and it was really nice out that day. The forest trees hid some of the sunshine, but only a bit. There was still sunlight finding its way through the trees, and made the area we were at look really scenic and beautiful.

My friend Henry was the seeker. He counted to 60 and we all went and hid. I hid about 150-200 feet away, behind a big redwood tree. I was on a hill, and I could clearly see everything from where I was. I could see all of my friends sneaking around and Henry searching for them. I wasn’t moving, just more of observing from a distance.

I was there for about seven minutes, when I started to feel a bit off. I got the tingling sensation where you know you’re not alone. I didn’t want to turn around, for fear of what I might see, but I knew I just had to turn around. I just knew something was there.

As I turned, all I could see was just a big hairy figure. As I looked and observed the creature in front of me, I could see it much more clearly. The creature was about 15 feet away from me. It stood about 7-8 feet tall, and was covered in reddish brown fur. It had huge arms and a big, puffed out chest. Its face was that of a Gorilla, but more human like.

I was absolutely speechless, I tried to speak or make some kind of noise but I just couldn’t. Oddly enough I didn’t feel in any sort of danger. This creature seemed more curious than malicious. It tilted its head, kind of like a dog does you talk to it. It scratched its head, as if it was thinking, and just kept watching me. We stared at each other for what felt like minutes, when in reality it was about 30, maybe 45 seconds. I looked into its eyes, and they seemed peaceful. I could see he seemed to be just checking me out, wondering why I was in his domain. After he was satisfied with what he had found, he trotted off into the woods, without making a sound. “Well,” I thought to myself, “That’s why I didn’t hear it coming.”

I went back to my friends in the middle, and they were all waiting for me. “Dude, where were you?” Henry asked. “We were looking everywhere for you.” Guess I had been gone longer than I thought. “I was up there by the big redwood.” “Ok, well I think we are going to call it a day,” he said. “We were hearing some weird stuff coming from where you were so I think we are gonna split.” Perfect. Even though that creature didn’t hurt me, I still just didn’t want to be there. We departed for the day and went to a friends house to play video games. I personally tried to forget about it, but my mind was still wondering.

I am 19 now, and I still think about it to this day. And I can’t help but think of the other possibilities. What if that thing had wanted to hurt me after all? Just because it didn’t hurt me does not mean that it couldn’t. If it wanted to, it easily could’ve. I’m just lucky I guess. Because if the circumstances were different, I could not be here telling this story.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever see the creature again. As cool as it is, to have the story and all, I’d rather not. After getting that close to what seems to be a Bigfoot, I think I’ve had enough paranormal encounters for a lifetime.

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