My parents story

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This story was told to me by my parents as a kid. My parents grew up in a small town in the northern most part of Jefferson Co. in Alabama.

Now back in those days around the late 60’s, our town was very small, and there wasn’t much to do for teens. One night my parents drove down below the bridge of the locust fork river where teens would often meet up.

This night as they arrived no one else had gotten there yet.

So they decided to wait and see who’d possibly show up. While waiting dad heard a slight whistleing sound. At first he said he didn’t pay it much attention, but as time went own it got louder and louder.

Dad moved the car up the hill a little to be under a street light, he got out as it started sounding a little like air leaking from their tire.

Once out of the car he could tell it was coming from within the woods down on the river bank and it sounded like it was coming closer. He said it was much louder once getting out and he figured it was some type of animal.

He said mom started getting scared and he didn’t want to stick around to see what it was either, so they left.

Two days later on a Sunday a friend asked if he’d mind going with him to retrieve a boat they had left on the river from a trot lining trip on Friday.

They had left the boat on the bank at one the guys land that butted up to the river. He said there was no road through the pastor and that it would be much easier to bring it down river.

So dad agreed to help, so they had to troll up river and bring both boats back down to where the bridge and boat launch is. While going up river they came upon an abandoned camp site.

Dad said it was very strange and looked as if someone left in a hurry.

The tent was knocked down, the fire was still smoldering, an axe was in the tree, coolers and other items were scattered around, but no one was there, it’s as if they had left quickly leaving everything behind.

The friend my dad was helping made light of the empty camp site and said the whistling creature must have run them off.

That’s when dad turned to him and ask him to repeat what he’d just said. The friend laughed and said yeah, we had some kind of crazy animal spook us a little Friday night.

He said they had gotten all set up and all the lines out and was just sitting in the boat tied to the bank waiting for the right time to run the lines.

He said but something across the river started making a whistling sound. He said it went own a little while and they didn’t pay it much attention at first, but as they got ready to run the lines, the animal started following the boat down river.

He said it would come down to the waters edge and one of the 3 guys who had a 22 rifle for snakes, he would shoot up in the woods and the animal would go deeper into the woods, but would immediately return crashing down to the edge.

He said it made all types of noise crashing through the brush, He said It spooked them enough to call it quits early and leave the boat tied up on the friends land.

That’s when dad shared with him the experience he and my mom had just a few miles down at the bridge. No one ever associated the whistling sound with Bigfoot until a few days ago. I was watching Destination America Terror in the woods S1 E3 “Hunted by Bigfoot.”

In the show the men both mentioned a whistleing sound.

Also describing a sound like as if air was leaving a tire! When I heard this I recorded it and had my dad who is 67, come and watch.

The look on his face afterwards was priceless. He said, “that was 47 years ago”. Almost as if he was stunned to hear someone describe a similar creature sound like that today.

I’m not sure if it was a relief to hear someone else tell a similar story that occurred in Ohio, or if it was a story he’d had rather never heard being associated with Bigfoot.

Either way, my parents are very honest Christians, and lying isn’t something that they will do.

What it was we may never truly know, but what it could have been, well that’s just scary!

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