My paranormal encounter at a nursing home

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I was a 19-year-old, 6-month pregnant woman that recently got her CNA certification to work at a nursing home. I can’t disclose the nursing home name because it’s still an active home and the residents don’t need to be bothered.

I was hired to be on the overnight shift and started with two other gals, the turnover rate for CNA on the night shift was very high in this place. There where two floors to the building and one LPN and two nursing assistance to each floor at night. The bottom floor was a secure ward for the Dementia and the Alzheimer’s residents and the upstairs where for the norms that just need to have round the clock care for various reasons. The main duties for the main floor was to answers call lights and see what the resident needed at the time.

The bottom floor duties was a lot more complicated than that. The main concern was to get the residents back in bed, sometimes it was a nice suggestion to lay back down to an all-out freak out from the residents.

I was accidently assigned to the bottom floor, but my co-workers agree that with the residents having the tendency to be violent that I needed to be on the main floor due to my pregnancy.

This night was orientation night so the only assistance that was not new, she started over a couple months ago, had to be the one to show us our duties.

I’ll call her Jane, as I don’t remember her name. She was a very bubbly and friendly person that we all got alone with. She was also one of those people that like to scare everyone and started to tell us about the history of the nursing home. Apparently, it used to be a hospital along time ago, and the area that the nursing home is in used to be the emergency ward.

Jane claimed that there are ghost residing in the building and told us stories of other workers seeing either a little girl, a former doctor, or a tall stranger walking around at night.

The other gals where freaking out but I wasn’t since I had lived in a hunted house when I was a kid. I guess it numbed me to ghost stories when I have seen a hunting first hand, I always joked that we lasted two more days past the Amityville family before we ran out of the rental home with our stuff. That is another story for another time. After that we had to start the first rounds of checking on residents, I won’t bore you with the details of those duties, but we had to do rounds every two hours and check in on every resident.

Now about midnight Jane decided to scare the two new gals, I was excluded because of my pregnancy, and claimed that there was a ghost in the sunroom at the end of the bottom floor.

I don’t know why but I got a weird feeling that they shouldn’t go down there, and I insisted that they shouldn’t go explore. Well they did and when all three went down all the way to the sun room Jane grabbed their backs and freaked them out so badly that they screamed and ran back, Jane thanked me for “building up the scare”. I didn’t explain that I wasn’t joking.

After the incident weird things started happening around the nursing home. The first event was that doors started to open by themselves, for safety and privacy reasons we always kept the door closed during the night. The nurses came to remind us and then after a couple of hours started demanding who was forgetting to close the doors when we leave the rooms. As new CNA that where being trained we were never alone there were always two of use handling calls and we never forgot to close the doors. Then on round checks, random beds would be lifted on highest setting.

This started freaking out the nurses too because there was no way that any of the residents could have done it and we did rounds together so there’s no opportunity for us to do it either.

Catheter bags would end up in random spots around the bed and the feeling of being watched was felt by everyone.

It all came to a terrifying even that no one could explain to this day, and Jane doesn’t talk about. At 3 am I was finishing my last break, I mean a pregnant woman has to eat, and walked out from the breakroom. The breakroom was at a corner area, if I walked out you can look to the left and see the main desk call station where we sat and if you look strait you can see what we call the business hall.

The business hall is the area where the administrator’s offices are, and they pretty much put desk in old hospital rooms without much cosmetic reconstruction if you know what I mean. Well at night the hall obviously didn’t have the lights on to conserve electricity. As I was looking down the hallway a call light turned on, I mean it was off and with a blink it turned on. I was tired and didn’t believe what was happening, so I went to the light board to see if the room light was on.

Jane asked me what I was doing, and I told Jane I didn’t know the room number of the call light that was on.

She looked down both hallways and indicated that there wasn’t a light on. I pointed to the business hallway and she laughed and though I was trying to scare her. So, she humored me and went to go see what I saw, not even a minute went by as she freaked out and ran to get the male nurse that was downstairs.

Jane kept say that “it wasn’t possible”, “it wasn’t possible”, both nurses and nursing assistance all ran to see the call light on and apparently freaked out as well. After that Jane and the nurse on the main floor with me decided that they should “stay guard” of the pregnant lady to makes sure that I was safe from any more paranormal events, I never pointed out that I didn’t freak out and was not scare to be alone, but people feel safer in a group I guess.

Might be also that I asked where the hallway light switch was so I can go investigate the room, didn’t go over well with everyone.

Everyone was too scared to investigate it further and the light eventually shut-off around an hour later. At the end of the shift Jane took me aside and explained to me that there was no way possible for that light to switch on, because she had known for a fact that the buttons where disabled and the lights weren’t even supposed to have bulbs in them anymore. Jane then said that she saw a shadow of a man walking down the hallway and into the room before she freaked out.

The day after I was sent on bed rest due to pregnancy complications, and after I can back on maternity leave every one of the CNA staff had already quiet.

I didn’t make it too long after as the jobs was more than what I can handle. The weird part is that the hunting of the place is kept as an unsaid agreement between the staff, we know just we don’t want outsiders to know kind of thing.

What disturbed me the most about my short time there wasn’t the ghost or the care of the residents. In the back of the nursing home there is a secure area where the door has locks on both sides, you need a key to get in or out.

The first room is full of medicine and other medical supplies, but when go into the next room it is packed full of past resident’s used items. Personal possession left behind by people that where left here to pretty much die. They go into the nursing home and all their life possessions have to pretty much fit two draws and a small closet.

To this day my biggest fear is to end up in a nursing home, I rather take my life then wait to die in one.

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