My Mom the angel

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So i’ll start with a little background on myself. I was raised by my grandparents my,

mother passed away due to pneumonia and the complications from my birth. I have

a brother that’s three years older than me he was with me when this occurred.

I was about 4 or 5 at the time but still remember so vividly what happened. It was a

beautiful summer day sun shining perfect weather. My brother and I were in our fenced

in backyard playing when all of a sudden a shadow looms over us, we both turn around

and there she is I knew it was her from the pictures I’ve seen of her OUR MOTHER.

We’re both just standing there shocked at what we are seeing, She was right there

hovering about a half foot from the ground with the vast wings of an angel, as we stood

there in awe she began to speak. When she spoke I remember feeling a sense of peace

and safety like I knew she wasn’t there to bring any harm to us, I felt the good energy

radiating off of her. She told my brother and I to be good and listen to our

grandmother, always protect and be there for one another, and to grow up to be good

people. My brother and I both ran inside to our grandmother yelling “Granny! Granny!

we just seen our mom in the backyard” you could see the disbelief in her face until we

described our mother to her. Then my grandmother asked “Did she say anything?” we

both told her what our mother had told us and she burst out into tears I couldn’t tell if

they were tears of joy because god had allowed us to see our mother, or tears of sadness

because she misses her daughter. We then ran back outside an she was gone. I had

thought this to be a dream or figment of my imagination up until a few years ago when i

was at my brothers house visiting. We were sitting at his kitchen table smoking a joint

when i asked him ” Do you remember when we were kids and our mother came to us in

the backyard?” He had this shocked look on his face like he had just seen a ghost.

Upon talking with him about it he described everything as i remembered it. He then

recited to me the words our mother had told us all those years ago, and just then I had

realized that it was no dream nor figment of my imagination that this event actually

occurred I had met my mother as an angel. We both thought we had dreamed that we

met our mother as an angel when in all actuality this really happened. Two people can’t

have the same dream at the same time and remember the same exact details and words

that were told to us. I am now 27 years old with a family of my own and I still carry

those words with me to this day and I have a strong faith in our creator. I look at it as

proof that there is a heaven and a hell because i met my mom as an angel.

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