My house of horrors (location) Canada bc

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This is just one of the many stories I have had in my old child hood home but needless to say it was one of the worst.

Ever since I was born we had lived in this old house on the outskirts of my little village, near this area I had plenty of incounters with skinwalkers and other worldly things but you would think atleast you would be safe in your own home right?…. wrong.

Ever since I was a kid me and my family would have plenty of weard things happen you o us, such as finding the car keys in the basement even tho my dad left them in the kitchen, or the house land line phones randomly ring and when we picked up no one would answer back, you would think oh that’s probably just prank callers and clumsy behaviour but the thing is, no one and I mean no one ever goes in the basement and why would someone prank call pur house over 5 times a week, just to weard.

Anyways this little story happend when I was around 8 years old my parents went on a little “no kids holiday” and hired a babysitter to look after us, they soon packed up for a three day little “business” trip and headed off kisses me my younger sister and my older brother goodbye.

They said that the babysitter was five minutes away and that she knows that the spare key is inside the pot outside and she would let herself in, they said don’t get into any trouble, and went on there way.

Me and my sibling sat down on the couch and began watching tv when all of a sudden the door bell rang we were confused and looked out the little peep hole to see a girl who looked about 15 years old we thought she was probably the baby sitter and let her in she said hello to us all, after we went back to watching tv.

She sat down and didn’t really care much for the tv but kind of just stared at us… we were new to all this baby sitter stuff since we were to young to be left alone without our parents before then.

I just assumed she was marking sure we were all ok.

After words she suggested we go into the back yard and play some hide and seek. It was getting pretty dark now and it was the winter season so it was cold, our parents told us before leaving we weren’t aloud going outside ESPECIALLY at night and in the cold.

But she insisted, something was really off.

We started walking tawords the door that lead outside when… the door knobe started to jiggle around. We freaked out and backed up when we saw the door was unlocking, we hid behind the couch and sat there huddled together while the babysitter was judging us and telling us to not make a sound and that she would go and check it out, she left us there tears filling up our eyes as we waited.. soon we heard foot steps coming tawords the living room.

But… there was only one pair meaning the babysitter probably shood the person or what ever it was off right? We stood up from behind the couches and looked up… we were trembling now because we saw… a lady who looked as if she was in her mid twenty’s she said hey are you guys so and so.. our names, we looked at her like she was a monster.

She looked at us and said “we’re are your parents didn’t they say be here at 8:30? And why are you guys hiding behind the couch?” We looked at her still not saying a word until my older brother spoke up and said “The the girl our babysitter were… were did she go?..” she looked at us and said “I’m Becky your babysitter?…” i looked st her and said “ no no the girl she was looking after us she went to go see who was trying to open the door…” she looked at us like we were crazy and said “ what do you mean I am your babysitter?” We we’re so confused and tried to explain to her what had happened but instead of listening to us she called our parents and asked if they had booked a diffrent babysitter or something.

They said no and asked why. She explained what we were telling her. They both said that they would be back by morning and to lock all the doors and windows and make sure no one was inside. We didn’t know how to react and just went to sleep after that. I woke up to tapping on my window I looked out into the moonlight… and to my horror I saw… this girls silhouette by my window. I hid under my blanket and tried to fall asleep but I couldn’t knowing what I had seen.

Ever since then I have never had an encounter like that ever again….

I don’t know if it was something paranormal, or some sort of wendigo, but if you have had an experience something like this please write back at me and help me under stand what I had seen that evening 10 years ago..

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