My horror in the woods

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This story I am about to share, is 100% true, and if you do not believe it, you can just think of it as make believe story.

It was over the summer of 2017; (For the sabbat of lithia for my fellow wiccan listeners) my girlfriend and I were on our way to a picnic and outside rituals in the local woods of our small town.

I am a closeted wiccan and the forest are in the more conservative side of town. Once we reached a desirable spot where is wasn’t too hot, we set up our lunch. We began to unpack our food when suddenly there was this threatening energy that began brew around me, but I stupidly discarded it was my anxiety that I wouldn’t be able to contact my over protective mother if she were to reach out to me.

We placed our ready made lunch in the back of her Tacoma, racing edition (this was be vital information for later). For lunch we ate butter garlic pasta, tofu, bread, juice and some chocolate for dessert. My anxiety began to calm once I had something my system.

We cleaned our mess and gave our leftover bread to random birds.

I got out my travel Altar from the cab of the truck and my phone. Once the vehicle was locked we were on our merry way. This was my first outdoor ritual so I was ecstatic, I couldn’t help but to skip a little ways ahead of my partner. We found a small clearing near a little creek.

I set up my small altar and began my workings, taking extra appreciation of the warm and loving summer I had been having, thanking the earth (my god and goddess as well) for all they have provided for me, and just all around celebrating the season itself.

As I was mid-way through my practice, my girlfriend demands I go over to her at once. I blew out my candles and let my herbs burn out in my makeshift tiny cauldron. She told me to pack up as fast as possible. I was confused a bit, until it heard it, him. This man, tall, overweight, was glaring at us. He began yelling at us, homophobic comments, comments were going to hell. Words that didn’t bother me, but what did bother me, was his obvious firearm connected to his pants.

I poured the tea light wax onto a tree stump, apologizing to mother nature, but explaining it was for my own safety.

I took out my knife, or what I used as an amthane.

This was discomforting for me, because it was not used to harm, but I would rather do a rather long and hard cleansing ritual than a shorten life. I placed my bag over my shoulder and held onto my girlfriend, as she is much stronger and bigger than me. We sped passed him as he continued his vile slurs. Calling us jypsis, and as I ran passed him he told me I was far too pretty to be practicing the work of the devil, that I was too beautiful to be in a lesbian relationship.

My anxiety and adrenaline began to kick in, my legs felt like jello, but stronger than ever.

My head began to feel cloudy thinking of the millions of scenarios that could happen. What if he shot us? What if he killed us? What if he took me and killed my partner to do nasty things to me? I started to cry, which made it hard to run up the hill. I heard heavy footsteps behind us, keeping chase.

As we were fleeing my girlfriend was telling me to take out my phone and call the police, or my mom.

I was far too shaky to do so and was barely able to tell her that. Once we made it to the truck we scrambled in and started our way down the curve filled mountain, only after getting his license plate from his dramatically lifted Ford. We heard shouting and then a loud engine roaring after us.

Then, to my horror, gunshots. I stated dially to police and told them everything, leaving the details of practicing witchcraft out of it.

They said they would meet us at the hill of the mountain and try to distance ourselves from that man as much as possible.

I proceeded to call my mom off of my girlfriends phone, letting her know the situation, that some homophobe was chasing us and shooting at us.

Then,he struck the truck, thankfully it was just the right rearview mirror, but shards of glass cracked the window and I began screaming, the dispatcher was trying to calm me down along with my girlfriend, but I was in hysterics, you see I am terrified of guns, so the fact I was this mans target was almost like an out of this world experience. She (girlfriend) decided to put her truck in the lowest gear, and we accelerated down the windy mountain at speeds of almost 150 mph.

This man was soon lost, but only until we met with the police.

He sped past them and the police gave chase, catching the man. Apparently he stalked young girls who were in that area and molested some kids my age (17). He was arrested and is now serving life in prison. No words can describe my horror that night, but I am happy I made it out alive, and I will no longer, go that that forest as long as I am in my home state. Thank you for reading, Emi.

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