My Helhound Encounters

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I am a 25 year old woman and have never told anybody both of these stories until now. I was 20 when i first saw the scariest thing ever. Being interested in the paranormal, i haven’t come across many things that scared me. Yes i’m terrified of the ocean but i’m not afraid of anything supernatural. This time it was different.

I was staying with a friend of mine since my boyfriend at the time and i had recently had some heated arguments due to him trying to keep me inside the house and not letting me see my friends from my hometown. We will call my friend, Shawn. One night Shawn and i went outside to have a cigarette before bed. It was a beautiful sunset and a little ways across the road i saw this big black dog walk towards a house but just before it got to the house it looked at me. It stared at me for what seemed like several minutes, but was likely only seconds, then turned back to the house then vanished into thin air. I flicked my half smoked cigarette and quickly walked back inside grabbing Shawn’s arm and pulling him in with me locking the door behind us. “What was that about?” Shawn asked before noticing my paler than normal face. All i said was “Hellhound.”

Skip ahead a few months when i was driving home from work with my then boyfriend, we will call him Shane. We got to the house right around sunset when suddenly sitting in the gravel parking lot across the street from the house appeared a big black dog with reddish orange eyes staring at the truck, at me. I gasped and ducked down, my face paler than normal. Shane looked at me then into the rearview mirror and his eyes got wide realizing why i was terrified. He knew the story of my first sighting of this Hellhound. He got out of the car to walk over to the dog.

When he got back he told me, “as soon as i got to the center of the street it disappeared.” It just vanished into thin air. Since then i’ve broken up with Shane because of his anger and his accusing me of cheating on him. I am now married to a much better guy. To this day i have not seen it EVER again. Looking back i think they were warning me to get away from the guys i had chosen as “boyfriend material”.

After doing some research i found that Hellhounds are said to be the protectors of the supernatural, guarding the secrecy of supernatural creatures, or beings, from the world. Which makes sense since i am Wiccan.

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Hellhounds originally were the protetors of Hades in Greek Mythology. The Greek God of the underworld. Not the protectors of supernatural