My haunted home and high school

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I have only told this story to a couple of people, my friends mostly. I’m not sure if these entities are separate and belonging to their separate territories at the school and my own home, or if they are following me and the location is only coincidental.

First, here’s some background.

My house was built a while ago, maybe 20 or so years ago. The main floor is simple; a living room and kitchen and a hallway with three bedrooms and a bathroom. From the kitchen you go downstairs where two of the incidents happened. Another happened upstairs and two more at my high school.

Now, when I was around eight years old, the first activity happened. I have Legos in my basement and when I went to bed, I would set up the people in a scene. When I would come down the next day to play, the people were moved. Some were all the way across the room. I was a little freaked out but I passed it off.

A year or so later, my brother and I, let’s call him Ronnie. We were playing war with our Lego people when the lights started to flicker. It wasn’t just one light that flickered when it was almost dead, but all the lights flickered at the same time. Ronnie and I ran upstairs and didn’t go back down until we had our toy swords with us.

The third incident happened just over six months ago. I had gotten up at 4:45 AM to get some help for my chemistry class, and I was getting my breakfast. I was the only one awake. Suddenly I heard a small thump coming from downstairs. I got a little freaked out and finished my breakfast quickly before fast walking to my room. Nothing else happened until i was leaving. I was walking out the door and I turned around to make sure all the lights were off. They were, but in the dim sunrise light, I saw a shadow figure standing on the far side of my kitchen watching me. I was seriously freaked out, so I closed the door and ran to my car and drove to school.

No we switch gears a little bit.

My high school is haunted by three ghosts in our auditorium. I’ve seen two of them. The first is the ghost on the catwalk. I was working set construction for our fall musical and only three other people were there. Two in the green room and one on the stage. No one else was in the school. I heard the sound of metallic footsteps from above and I saw a shadow pacing on the catwalk. I ran to the loft to check the door and it was locked and the only person who had a key was in the green room.

The second ghost is in our costume closet. We call it Narnia. The Seniors always tell the incoming freshman not to go in Narnia alone. Of course, I didn’t listen and during rehearsal, I went up to Narnia and went in alone. I walked all the way to the back, where most of the activity happens. Some of the clothes started to move and I was the only person up there. I ran out and joined rehearsal again. A year later I went up with a friend and an infrared camera. I went all the way to the back, checking every row on the way. Nothing. I was disappointed but relieved at the same time. I began to go back and in the second row, I felt a cold draft. I turned the infrared around and picked up a blue figure across from me, but no one was there.

I will never stop believing in the paranormal and I recommend to never deal with a ghost by yourself.

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