My Haunted Doll

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Well, I live in a small town in Ohio. I live with my mom and my dad. I’ve always been really attracted to creepy things. I always bought creepy dolls and stuff. I just loved everything scary. It’s just so fascinating to me how spirits can communicate with us. But, this is a story that I never want to happen again. It almost restrains me from buying another doll.

So, I always like to go to Goodwill to see if I can my hands on some creepy finds. We got in the car and headed out. When we got there, I said goodbye to my family and headed to the toy section. I usually check out the toy section and then make my way to look at the dolls behind the counter.

When I got to the toy Isle, I was only met with naked Barbie’s and stuffed animals. I started to dig around and found an old porcelain doll that I kept ahold of. I kept digging around and stumbled upon a doll. I seemed almost attracted to it, like I couldn’t put it down. It was a small doll, not too large. It was a straw doll, nothing I’ve ever seen before. It had a red ribbon around the hat and around the waste. She was carrying a basket also. I knew I had to have her, so I purchased her.

When I got home, I immediately did research on her. I found a fee results and they told me that she was a handmade doll from Korea. I found her very cool but, for some reason, I didn’t want her in my room. She just, put me off. So, I left her in my living room on a table.

The first night was terrifying. I laid in bed with my dogs. Keep in mind, they were both on the bed with me and my other was in sleeping in her cage. I started to drift off. I woke up at around midnight. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I laid in bed, just thinking and occasionally looking at the TV. Then, out of no where, I heard a noise. It was so scary and I still remember it. It was a low, raspy, chuckle coming from under my bed. No joke, actually under my bed. I remember just staring at my ceiling, wide eyed. Some how, I convinced myself that it was my brain and I went back to sleep.

The next nights I had this awful feeling of dread mixed with anxiety. But, nothing happened. On the fourth night, it got horrible. I woke up to complete and total darkness, my TV was off, my alarm clock was off, everything. I have an irrational fear of the dark even though I love creepy stuff. I was about to get up when my dogs were awoken from their slumber and started barking. I got up and ran to my living room, not sleeping another moment.

The next night, I was so scared that I slept in my parents floor, clutching one of my dogs. Then, as easy as the light turned off, everything stopped. I stopped feeling dread and anxiousness. I stopped hearing strange noises. I went to my mom as she knew what has been happening. I told her that everything stopped and I asked her what happened to the doll. I had a feeling that the whole situation came from the doll because it all started when I got her. All she replied with was, “It gave me a weird feeling so I threw it away last night”.  I was shocked knowing that this all came from that stupid doll at Goodwill.

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This is why I don’t do dolls.