My Grandpa’s Ghost

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It was about twelve years ago my grandpa passed away at home surrounded by family. The day before he passed away we had a fight I said he would never see his great grand son again little did I know I was telling the truth

The next morning around 2:30am I was at my boyfriends house outside smoking a cigarette and keep in mind it was 90• outside but all of a sudden I got a horrible chill that ran up and down my spine. My boyfriend looked at me and asked if I was could and I looked at him and stayed no I said thenonly time I get a shinever like that is when something back is about to happens to someone I love .

It was around 3 am I couldn’t possibly call my grandparents house and wake them up just to make sure everything was ok. So we went to bed when I woke up I was washing my clothes for work when my phone rang the caller ID said my grandma’s number and that number never called my cellphone so finally my mom got ahold of me and informed me my grandpa had passed away. So I rush to my Grandma’s house . After the service was over I decided it would be best if I moved back into my grandma’s house so that she wasn’t there alone.

My First night back in the house I was awoken at exactly 3 am so I went downstairs to get a snack and something to drink, as I’m coming back into the living room standing at the front door looking outnit was my grandpa! Now when he was alive every morning at 3am he would be standing at that door looking out it. So I just let him be and went back upstairs and fell asleep. The very never night I was awoken at the same time so I went and got a snake and drink and when I can into the living room there he was looking out the front door but this time he turned and looked at me so I told him I love and miss you but I’m still made at you for not taking better care of your self, he actually said he was sorry and that he loves me and I told him I loved him and then he disappeared.

Since that night I have never seen him in the house ever again but as soon as my grandma replaced her from door and gave us the old door we have had a lot of activity in our house.

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