My experience with the Rougarou

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My name is Ryan, I live in Louisiana. I need to tell people this before someone else runs into the same situation I am in. It’s been about 7 years since this happened, and I swear that thing is still following me no matter where I go.

So I use to work as a Camp guiding counselor.

I loved working with kids, I also loved the outdoors. For the longest I felt that this Camp was the safest place I could ever be. But like I use to tell the kids, oh dear god the kids, those defenseless kids, it’s my fault that this happened. I use to tell them that the dark is harmless, but it’s what you can’t see in the dark which will hurt you. Anyway, camp lasted 4 weeks. We would hike, fish, all the things you can imagine to do at a camp.

But every Friday we would take the kids out to the woods and tell them scary stories, of course they where fake, at least that’s what we thought.

The first incident was on a Wednesday, the second week of camp, when a kid got lost and was missing for 3 days until they found his body, hanging, lifeless near one of the rivers. He was missing an arm and part of his left leg.

The Head of the camp said it must have been a bear attack and said that every counselor must have some sort of a weapon on them in case the bear returns. Now being the boy from the bad part of baton rouge I usually carried a 45 with wire cutters. Fast forward to the next incident. It was the Saturday of the third week. I slept in cabin 4B. I had my own room where I slept. I remember looking at my phone and it was about 3:00 when we heard a loud roar and a bang against the cabin.

I jumped up grabbing my 45 out of my desk drawer.

I remember hearing all the kids screaming and yelling as a ran out of the room looking at a smashed window and seeing a figure heading back towards the forest.

I ran to the window and shot just about 5 shots at the thing. I swear I hit this thing but it seemed as if the bullets did nothing. The rest of the night I stayed up jumping at every sound i heard. The next day me and the head counselor had a huge argument. I remember him saying, “It was just a bear don’t worry, plus you shot it like 5 times so it probably bleed out.” I remember yelling and slamming my gun down in front of him, “5 shots from this 45 with wire cutters!! That thing didn’t even flinch, it didn’t even flinch at the sound of the gun.”

We eventually came to an agreement to have the kids leave the camp in about 3 days. But that was to long, I should’ve called the cops but I didn’t. Three days later the kids left, unfortunately all the counselors had to stay and extra 2 days after the kids left to clean and to organize everything.

It was Monday night and all the counselors except the head counselor where playing cards, getting drunk and high, all of us trying to forget the incident. It was about 2:00 at night until we heard the head counselor yell and scream.

All of us seemed to sober up quickly.

We picked up the guns we had that we where told to carry. And made our way to the main office. Before Jerry and Cullen went in Brian said that there was nothing to worry about since it was just 1 bear and 4 of us.

Jerry and Cullen went in first, me and Brian went around the back. As we got to the back of the cabin we heard Jerry and Cullen scream and gunshots go off inside.

Lighting up the inside of the cabin. As I looked through the window I saw 2 of my closest friends get ripped apart and thrown as the thing let out a loud huge roar. As me and Brian watched the thing, it slowly turned around and roared again. Me and Brian ran to my car as fast as we could.

As we got in my car we saw a giant wolf run towards us. But as it got closer it slowly turned into the thing that we saw in the office. I started the car and sped off. That thing was still keeping up with us, and I was going 45 mph.

I got onto the highway as i watched it slow down to a stop and watched us speed down the highway.

Both me and Brian couldn’t believe what we just saw. A month later, Brian reached out to me and told me that the thing we saw was a Rougarou. And they are known to shape shift into other animals or it’s victims that it killed. To this day, I still think the thing is waiting to pounce and get me. Now everywhere I go I bring my gun.

But I feel like something is going to happen soon. So please take my advice and stay out of the woods, swamps, or forest in Louisiana, unless you wanna meet the fate my closest friends have met.

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