My Experience with Skinwalkers

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My experience with a skinwalker might not be a terrifying as most of the stories you receive.

This happened around two years ago, during the summer. I had stayed with my uncle due to family reasons. He was very into our heritage, being native American and all. We had stayed near a reservation, I think it was about three miles away from his house. He lived in North Carolina so it was plain and there was a lot of land.

The natives had been hosting  to a sort of festival, it was to spread their beliefs and the conservation of the forest used as farmlands.

I asked him about it thinking it would be a fun way to bond with each other. And we went. I can say that I felt like I was being watched. I forgot the type of car he owned but I remember it was a an old Ford truck.

It had been a week since the festival, and I still couldn’t get the feeling off. Late one night we were driving on a road next to the reservation, and of course there were no street lights. And we were on the edge of the forest.

We saw what looked like a deer in the road, it jumped out of the way to fast to see what it was. After about a minute something heavy landed in the bed of the truck, it weighed the car down and shook it.

My first reaction was to turn around and see what it was, but my uncle wouldn’t let me. He pushed my head down so I wouldn’t be able to look up. And my uncle sped up, it now started to put pressure on the roof of the car because of the screeching noises.

Eventually after about ten minutes, what ever it was jumped out of the bed. I knew this because the car had bounced and the car’s tires raised the truck.

After words my uncle had explained that it was indeed a Skin Walker and looking into its eyes ment death. Let’s just say it was a secret we would never tell anyone.


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