My Experience In Algonquin National Park

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To get this story started my name is Ike. This happened just about a week ago.

This was a School trip I took with about half of my grade through the forests of Algonquin National Park. Algonquin National Park is a huge huge provincial park. You are surrounded by water and trees for the time you’re there, nothing else. The wild life has flourished and everything is secluded from our present society, in other words there’s no signal on your phone, no building, no nothing. I stayed there for a week with two guides and 6 other guys my age.

The first day was great. We got to this camp that my school was hosting, I remember the lake water and trees and the beautiful cabins that we slept in for the night. Nothing to interesting happened that day, we got there and setup for the week. When we woke up we head down to the main lodge for breakfast and then set off for the water.

On our second (full) day there we were canoeing for about 5/6 by my guess, remember I didn’t have a phone or watch for the whole week, just the sun to tell time. By the time we found a nice spot to sleep for the night it was dark. We set up our tents and got ready to make dinner. On my way through the forest looking for twigs and branches I spotted what looked like a wolfish deer mix. It couldn’t see me. I was looking at it while crouching over a broken/fallen over tree. I was a little worried when I realized all the other guys looking for wood went other ways. I was alone looking at this. this whatever it was. I looked back to the direction of this wolfish creature and it was gone. I quickly got up and ran back to the camp site. Twigless, my guides asked me why I didn’t have any wood, I quietly told them that I wanted to help them start the fire instead. They agreed.

About 2 days later our group went off to our 3 stay for the night, we did a portage and then canoed and then portaged again and then a canoe trip to another portage but on our way we saw a mother moose and her little baby drinking water. They were beautiful. All of the sudden I got this overwhelming feeling of dread and sadness and I got worried. I looked around the foresty area and I spotted that same damn wolf/deer mix thing. I didn’t know what it was. I was scared I told my friend in my canoe and he saw it and went white. Right at that moment I realized that I knew what this was, my memory flashed right back into my head and I realized it was a creature called a Wendigo or a Skin Walker. I have been watching horror videos and movies since I was a child. Our group slowly got close to the dears and we shouted at them to get them to move out of our way because they were blocking the portage entrance. Luckily for me the portage was only about 100 meters. For the last time that day we got in the water and headed to the main lake to find ourselves a spot. When we got there all of the guys and I were excited because we found our own little mini island. I thought that nobody/nothing could disturb us… I was so so wrong. That night we were roasting marshmallows, I know its funny the stereotypical camping trip snack, and I got tired of the fluffy treat so I went to my tent to get water. Skip to 3 hours later. I was so mad at myself for drinking water. I think it was about 12/1 in the morning when I went to a nice little spot to piss close to my tent. I didn’t bring my flashlight but it was okay because the moon was shining bright. I was getting goosebumps, something about the dark freaks me out. I felt this sudden urge to turn around, horrible idea, and when I did I regretted it since this day. I saw this tall creature standing on its hind legs. It was the same damn Wendigo I saw twice! IT was huge, it had yellow glowing eyes, very bony and almost looked like it should’ve been dead. I couldn’t scream I stood there staring right into its glowing eyes, it was staring right back into my soul. I ran right to my tent and lay there. shaking. staring up at the top of the tent. When I woke up it was bright and cold out. I didn’t see that Wendigo again…

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