My Experience at the Creepy Cult-y (Possibly Haunted) Church

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Growing up, my family and I attended this ” church ”. I use the term ” church ” very lightly, because after a couple years, things changed and changed at that place until it was a full-blown cult that made us do weird stuff. I’m talking about making people crawl on the floor and growl like animals weird, along with a myriad of other things which I won’t get into.

The longer we stayed there, the weirder things became. It wasn’t just the people or ” pastors ”, there were paranormal things that occurred that still creep me out to this day. My mom worked for the church for a long time, and one day she and I had to stop by to do some things and it was for sure just the two of us in the building alone. We were walking towards the back of the building and when we passed by the sanctuary, I glanced through the window in one of the doors and saw a dark figure standing inside, silhouetted against the windows. It startled me, but I thought it looked like one of the guys we knew, however, when we opened the door, there was no one there.

Another time, it was my birthday and everyone threw me a party at the church. A bunch of people were sitting in the sanctuary watching a slideshow of pictures of me and at one point my dad saw a guy sitting in a back row kind of chuckling to himself and smiling as he watched the screen. He had never seen the man before and when he looked for him later, the man was gone. I think somebody else had seen him as well and had talked to him a little but, like I said, the guy just disappeared before anyone could actually chat with him. My dad also heard a woman’s voice ask him if he was leaving and when he turned around, there was no one there. This happened one evening when he stepped outside during service for some fresh air because they used to make us sit for hours on end in a stuffy sanctuary listening to music with the same repetitive beats over and over while people rolled on the floors. This was when my dad was ready to leave the place for good, he was only around to please my mom. That experience made his mind up completely and he never went back.

Another time my family and I had stopped to drop some food off for someone in the church to pick up later, and while we were standing in the kitchen (the building was empty except for us), we smelled a foul odor like a dead mouse. We started searching frantically for whatever it was but at one point we noticed the smell was shifting around the room like something that reeked was walking around. The smell moved down the hallway and it was at this point we were like ” NOPE. ”

But the weirdest and creepiest thing by far that ever happened occurred on a Wednesday evening probably a week before my family agreed to leave the ” church ” for good. I was around thirteen years old and had made up my own mind that the place was bat crap crazy and just kind of went along with whatever I was told while secretly smirking and rolling my eyes. I’d spent years working and doing other things against my will and then they started adding all the other bizarre stuff and I was so done. So on this specific evening, they had the teenagers and a few adults in their early twenties praying in the fellowship hall of the church and somebody said they felt like we needed to pray all around the building, so like good little cult-monkeys, we followed right along. They led us into the foyer where we commenced praying. Here’s where the really weird stuff started to happen. I won’t go too deeply into details because even as an adult, it still makes me feel sick to recall what happened both out of sheer humiliation and disgust. My best friend at the time and I were standing beside each other and while the others were praying out loud and making noises and whatnot, I heard a loud scratching noise across the wall to my right as if something with huge claws was crawling across the wall. I thought it was in my imagination and looked at my friend to gauge her reaction and her eyes were massive as her jaw dropped so I know she heard it as well. Supposedly, later after mostly everyone left, a couple of twenty-somethings chased a demon into a corner of the attic and forced it to leave. Ummm. OK.

I don’t like dwelling on any of the stuff that occurred at that time of my life, but I also know that it messed me up for a good long while. I still have a hard time if something even remotely reminds me of the place and I instantly put a wall up. There are things that I won’t even tell my husband about and probably never will because I know he wouldn’t understand. I’m just so grateful my family got out of that place when they did, because there are still many people who I grew up with that won’t ever get away from it and it truly breaks my heart.

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I’m confused. The “weirdest and creepiest thing” was hearing scratching noises? And this still makes you “sick, humiliated, and disgusted” ? Did you not look over at the wall? Did something else happen that you didn’t mention?
Seeing the shadow in the window and then it disappearing seems like the craziest thing you mentioned.
What I am getting at is you told different events in order, building up towards what was going to be ‘by far the creepiest thing’ ….but then nothing happened? I don’t get it.

Other than that it sounds like a scary place with scary people. Thanks for sharing.


Wow! I’m so glad you were smart enough, at such a young age, to see the truth within everybody else’s delusions. As you’ve stated, so many ppl raised in the “church” didn’t have the ability to see the truth or the ability to escape and that’s a really sad and scary thought; generations of true confusion. It sounds like they were practicing something they truly didn’t understand, opening doors and allowing negativity in believing they were in control. Stupid ppl shouldn’t have the ability to act without an intelligent person doing their thinking for them, ya know? I’m so glad your entire family got out, even if it took your mother a little more time than the rest to see the truth – point is, she too left. That’s super scary, I would have stopped going the moment ppl were rolling on the ground acting and sounding like animals – yeah, no!