My encounter with arb

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In my countey theres a legend about a spriti demon that shaped like a beautiful woman in the day and head with organs in the night. The story goes a princess from Cambodia was forcely wedded to a prince while being in live with someone l
else and was killed by the prince. before her marriage. The princess was to be executed for this behavior by burning alive. before this she received a pition from a witch and the potion would make her fire resistance. On that day of her execution the potion only 3ffect her head and her organs but not her body. then she became a demin that roam for foods at night floating with her head and organs. My encounter with her was when i went to my hometown for a special holiday. On the first night i saw a flashing light in the sky butnindont know what is was. The sexond night i saw it again so i decided to record and while i was zooming in i notice its face and organs. and it turned to me. I quickly ran into my house and told others biut my encounter they all thought that the thing i saw was ARB. We went back out together to see nothing in the sky and so is the next day. Until i never saw her again.

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