My dog?

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Every time I remember this experience I get shivers. So Growing up I have always wanted a dog. After years of begging my parents, they actually finally got me a dog ; a Yorkie to be exact; junior. Now junior always has always been a very hyper dog and after years we’re very used to it by now.

So, I had been sitting on my bed, sucked in by my phone screen, unaware of my surroundings like a lot of times.

I walk out of my room and see junior laying on the living room couch, I go and try playing with him around by stealing a nearby toy of his. Junior had just laid there looking at me and not moving which I found very weird since he usually would jump around and try to grab the toy.

So I quickly brushed it off and got up thinking he must have just been very exhausted.

So I then looked for my mother throughout the house but realized she must have gone outside so I walk from the kitchen, through the living room and to my brothers room to peek outside the window facing outside, while junior was following me.

After I look out the window I felt chills run down my spine as my mouth hung open and my eyes went wide. As,… as I see my mom walking junior outside… but how could this be I thought I quickly looked behind me and all throughout the house with no sign of junior anywhere.

I was so confused and frustrated just wanting an answer… but I heard juniors collar as he was walking being me to the bedroom, I touched him , I saw him walking behind me well at least who I thought was junior.. how was he just gone.

I quickly make my way outside and ask my mother, who was now at the doorstep how long she had been walking him, she said about 15 minutes, after explaining to her what I’d just experienced she told me that it was probably just my own imagination and that I need more sleep…. but I know what I saw and I will never forget that feeling I got when I looked out that window.

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