My Dog saw something.

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I don’t really know how to start with these stories so I’m just going to explain what happened, we own a beautiful dog, he is a half husky half German shepherd breed. It was a normal day with my family over at my house, I don’t remember exactly why we were in my mothers room but we were when suddenly mom dog starts to growl at my moms closet, my moms closet is a drag closet with a whole mirror on it.

At first we thought he was just barking at his reflection when he suddenly started to run back and forth now looking at the ceiling. He begins to growl very low yet loud. He then runs through the hall all the while still staring at the ceiling barking and still growling. My family has a strong belief of the paranormal and they are pretty religious. My dog stops in the kitchen growling at the top corner of the ceiling.

Our faces visibly shaken, my aunt then decides to yell “Get out! You’re not welcome in this house!” Then it stopped. My dog completely stopped, he then turned happily, and stared at us like nothing happened at all.

Then he pranced away.

There are many other experiences that my dog has seen something, I believe it was a ghost. This was by far one of the scariest things my dog has ever done, and why did he stop like nothing happened when my aunt yelled.

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