My Dog Came Home Two Months After Being Put Down

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As you have figured this post is related to my families pet dog, that passed away a few months ago. I personally have not experience these incidents and can only relay the information based on the body language and tone my family had while telling me.

It all started mid February when we put our 14 year old golden retriever down after he started to have nose bleeds and sever seizures. we rushed to the vets to put him down after one lasted over an hour and we knew he wouldn’t make it until morning it was around 10pm then.
It is now the end of March and early April where these encounters with our dead dog have happened.

the 1st encounter happened with my dad who was in the kitchen when he heard a bang in the living room. When he came out of the kitchen literally having to just turn the corner he saw our dog lying on the floor like he always did. he never said anything else about it, my dads never been a believer of the paranormal but this really does have him shaken up

my sister who I’ll call “Kay” to keep her privacy was in grade that curiously played those popular paranormal games which were very popular, Grade 8 at the time now in grade 10 came out of her room on the top floor and walked towards the stair case and saw our dog lying at the bottom of the stair case sleeping which was normal for him to do as well. Being half asleep she stepped over him to do her normal routine.

The last one comes from my mother. she told me today that she dreamt of him scratching at her bedroom door to be let in so he could lie down and go to bed to. she got up walked to the door and even remembers saying “come to bed max” after opening the door.

For the most part my family members are extremely happy about him coming home but I’m not to convinced right now that it really is him. I am a true believer in the paranormal and that there are things that I can not explain with my understanding of the world. As of this moment our home is under construction as we are renovating the kitchen floor and cabinets. I believe that my sister could be continuing with her paranormal curiosity, but says that she stopped after something happened and wouldn’t elaborate any further, she probably thinks I’d get mad and honestly i probably would at first.

This is by no means an April fools joke as my family has never done anything of the sort and with such a touchy subject to boot.
If anything else happens I will update the post here.

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