My Darkweb Experience

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Okay, So I’m a 15 y/o girl living in Tampa FL, and I have some weird hobbies, One of them being the exploration of the Deep Web or Dark Web. So I was looking around on a bunch of websites, and I put them into catigories. 1: SCARIEST, 2: CREEPY, 3: DEATH, 4: SCARRED. Lets go back about a month ago.

So I’m in my room on reddit and I see a sub-reddit, title being “INSTRUCTIONS TO DARKWEB” and I start reading. I download whatever is needed (I will not say what as it can possibly give you instructions) including saftey softwares. About an hour later I’m on a site called “” and I’m scrolling. So its basically a bunch of weirdos doing experiments on kids like covering them in some sort of liquid and burning them half to death.

My parents weren’t home during this time so I invited my boyfriend over, (someone whom enjoys doing the same as me) and we start watching more videos. So my parents were both out until about [12:00] the next day so we asked if he could sleep over. Fast foward about 2 hours later and I’m literally about to puke as one of the experiments was on a 3 y/o girl being put into a test tube of some sort of acid and you can see her skin MELTING OFF.

I start crying at this point and then a damn chatroom comes up. I point it out and a link to a live video covers the chatroom. I look at the webcam and ITS ON. My boyfriend attempts to turn off the webcam, but it says that theres a virus on my PC.

I eventually get so freaked out that I pull the cord to the PC and I run to the bathroom. About 2 hours later, (About [1:00] in the damn morning) I get a call from someone with their caller ID hidden. I start running an app that tracks the number and its my boyfriend’s bff. We answer the call to hear him SCEAMING IN PAIN and some guy with a hoarse voice whispering “shhhhhh”

The call cut off from there.

Its been a month and nothing has happend, but I haven’t touched my PC since then.


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