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Me and my mom both experienced a glitch in the matrix today. We went to a mall and after buying some things, we stopped at a nearby supermarket for some bread and then went to the church in my hometown to pick up a bulletin and throw away some newspapers. After that was done, we proceeded to go straight home. I have to park in the back of my house right beside a garage because the street in which I normally park is filled with cars.

As I was driving up the back alley, me and my mom see my dad’s car parked on the other side of the garage.

After I park the car, me and my mom go to the backdoor to find it locked. Whenever someone is home, the backdoor is always open and fans are turned on to keep the house cool. Clearly, it doesn’t work. As soon as I unlock the door, I start looking for my dad but, he isn’t home. I open the basement door to see if he’s down there but the lights are out.

I go to my room and play on my Ipad when my mom calls me.

I go to see what she wants and she asked me if dad’s car was in the driveway when we got home.

I said it was but she tells me it’s not out there anymore. I look outside and see that my dar’s car isn’t in the driveway at all. I try to come up with, jokingly, a logical explanation for how this is possible like maybe dad saw us coming and snuck out the front door and as soon as he saw us coming, he ran to the car and left.

Then my mom noticed that he didn’t leave a note for us telling us where he went. When my dad finally came home, I questioned him about it. He said that it was probably another car that looked like his but then left. I said it wasn’t. It was certainly his car.

I even asked him what time he left home. He said that he left about eleven o’clock.

Me and my mom got home at the exact same time. My dad then suggested that he probably didn’t see us and vice-versa as he was leaving the house.

That would be impossible because if he was leaving the house at the exact same time we had just got home, then we should have walked right past each other. Not only that, but, if he did leave at the same time we arrived, then we should have heard his car starting and heard it pulling out of the driveway as he left.

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