My Creepy School Lockdown Story

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So this happened 2 years ago I was a graduate in high school. It was an ordinary day I went to school people were talking, laughing and Bullies were being bullies.

So when class started I sat in my chair as our teacher told us to take out our note books for Our Science project. We did planets so I chose Mars We worked for a while when the lockdown alarm went off the principal told us to remain calm in our class and lock the doors as this was not a drill.So I sat there very calm while all the girls screamed and cried. Knock Knock Someone knocked on the door as we did not answer the person bashed at the door it was then long enough when he walked away.

Then the intercome came on again with someones voice he said HELLO YOUR ALL GONNA DIE I froze in my spot all the girls cryed. It was moments after when he came back to our door and the glass smashed and we saw a hand reach through the door Screaming I WILL KILL YOU ALL it was seconds after he managed to open the door my teacher ran at him and tryed to tackle him KABAM my teachers head literily exploded Everyone whined he came over and shot 2 of the classes bullies then the S.W.A.T stormed through the door telling him to drop the weapon then he tryed to shoot them but they shot him in the head with their machine guns. Now I am scarred for life.

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