My Creepy Ghost encounters

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This story may be a little long because it spans the length of about two years. My fiancé and I had fallen on hard financial times, so we moved in with a friend and his dog to cut our costs in half. This house was small two-bedroom house that sat on a large plot of land in the middle of the city of K-falls Oregon. At first, I didn’t notice anything off about the place, but I have been told that I am more sensitive to spirits than others. For the first month everything was quiet. Our roommate worked long 16-hour days at his job, and my fiancé was working full time, while I was going to school. So, this left me alone in the house a lot.
At first, I would hear things moving around the house, like dishes clinging together, or the floors creaking, but I just shook it off as the house settling. One day, we had been living there for about three months I was in the kitchen cooking when I could have sworn I had heard a man’s voice. I stopped what I was doing to look around the house thinking my fiancé, or our roommate had come home early, but I found no one. I looked around outside to see if we had any trespassers on our property and found nothing. I shook off the weirdness and went back to cooking dinner. That night over dinner I told both my fiancé and our roommate what happened. The roommate just laughed. “You met our resident ghost.” He then told me a story. One day he was fixing the heater in the living room, he had taken a picture of it so that he could remember how to put everything back together but instead of seeing the heater in the picture you could see a ghostly image of a man’s face. But that had been his only experience with the ghost. My fiancé then told me a story that his brother had experienced, a couple years back. My soon to be brother in law was walking from the back of the house where the bathroom was and into the kitchen when suddenly, a pan of biscuits flew off the stove top and at him.
It then became a regular occurrence, hearing the man’s voice around the house but only when I was alone. Sometimes I would hear “hello” whispered in my ear and feel like someone was watching me. This went on for about a year. For some reason things began to get worse but again only when I was alone. One day I was taking a shower and I hear this loud crash from the living room. I jumped out of the shower, leaving it still running, I was convinced someone had broken in. I wrapped a towel around me and grabbed the roommates shot gun that he kept loaded just in case. I slowly walked through the house to see the dogs huddled in my room as if scared of something. I continued through the house with the dogs on my heels, but I saw nothing, the doors were still locked, and the windows still closed. There was no mess, nothing had fallen like the dogs had made that noise. I was thoroughly unsettled but I finished my shower, keeping the gun in the bathroom with me. Nothing major happened for a while after that, just the sound of footsteps through out the house. It became more common to hear noises in the bathroom with me while taking a shower, one time even having a shadow of a hand press against the shower curtain. This freaked me out enough that I said out loud. “Knock it off” and the hand disappeared. I opened the shower curtain to see an empty bathroom.
My last and most traumatizing experience with the ghost happened about three moths before we moved out. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes, as usual, I was home alone. I had music playing and I was singing along. You see, in the past I have been a victim of sexual assault and I do not react well to being surprised. So, I am doing the dishes when it feels like a man pressed his front against my back, and two hands slide down around my hips. I freaked out, spun around screaming “Don’t F***ing touch me!” just to see an empty kitchen. After this experience I didn’t hear or feel anything again from the ghost but I was still happy to move out of that house.

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