My Creepy Crush At Work

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First off, I just want everyone to know that I’m a guy and, yes guys too can be victims of sexual harassment.

This took place about two or three years ago and I was probably either 25 or 26 years of age. I work in a factory that makes car parts for Nissan, Honda, Volkswagen and Toyota. The factory is split up into three departments: Plant 1, Plant 1.5, and Plant 2.

At the time I was in Plant 1.5 where everything was going good for me. I was apart of one of the best teams of workers ever.

Everyone was great except for this one person. We’ll call her Terri and let’s just say she was quite a character. When her and I met, everything was fine, we were talking and she even complimented on how I cute I was.

Later on, one of my friends began to notice that she was a little weird.

For instance, talking to herself and to inanimate objects and laughing for no reason.

At times she would even walk by me at my machine and grab my waist before walking away. Well one day on a Friday I came to work for a little overtime as always. I was on my machine working until I felt someone rubbing my shoulders as I turned around to see it was, you guessed it, Terri.

She then tells that she thinks I’m sexy and that she likes me.

Me, however, was extremely caught off guard and a little shocked to hear that, all I can say in reply is “thank you” while confused. I’ve always found it weird to be called “sexy” but it’s whatever.

Afterwards I go to my two friends Cory and Eric and tell them what just happened. Cory tells about how she is strange and talks to inanimate objects and all that.

Later on that day, as I’m back on my machine, it goes down for a little bit so my work partner goes into the machine to check it out.

As I’m at the work table, she returns and begins asking me if I have a girlfriend and I replied with no. She asks me why not and I reply with my famous answer: I just haven’t found the right girl. As this conversation is going on, out of nowhere she throws her hands up like she’s getting ready to strangle me but stops herself and says that she just wants to touch me.

Shocked yet again, all I can respond to that is a simple okay.

After that I began to become very uncomfortable around this woman. Some people began to find it funny but learned that I didn’t find it funny at all. It’s cute if someone has a crush but she was coming at me way too strong. Plus most of the time she was constantly having to ask for my name. Cory began to make me feel better as we started making jokes about the whole incident as if it was a horror movie. We talked about how I would go to my truck and there she would be saying stuff like “if I can’t have you, nobody can”. We had a good laugh about it.

Afterwards, everything was starting to look up for as the machine was running good parts and there was a lot of helping hands also.

Everything was fine until Terri returned, as she was preparing to leave, asking for my phone number. As much as I wanted to say “no” and my friends were mouthing the words “no”, I easily gave in. I don’t know why but all my life it’s been hard for me to say “no” to people.

She wrote the number on her hand of all places, plus she asked for my name yet again. After she had left, I told some of my superiors about this incident. Eventually work ended and I could finally go home and enjoy somewhat of a weekend.

I told my dad and stepfather of the incident but I instead feeling bad for me, they were proud of me, of course. Luckily I never got called by her. She probably forgot my number because God knows she couldn’t even remember my name. Sunday arrived and I was back to work while feeling a little paranoid.

As I was getting everything ready for my machine to start running here she came in tears and telling me to hug her. I reluctantly did. Her face was red and puffy for some strange reason.

She began telling me about a bunch of problems that I really can’t remember. Then she asked for a couple quarters for a bottled water as I gladly gave her the money. Whatever it took to get her away as quickly as possible.

Later on I told my supervisor about the incident from Friday due to him being absent that night it took place. I had to write a complaint about what happened. Basically everything I just told from earlier. Afterwards, as the day went on, my supervisor came back to tell me that he attempted to confront her about the incident. He told that she went on saying that the feds had her cellphone. He also told me that she was clearly crazy.

I agreed.

Finally it all came to end when I had found out that she had been fired for going into the bathroom with a straw. All I know is that she wasn’t going in there to sip the toilet water so it had to be for drug use. I was relieved that it was all over now.

So Terri let’s not meet again. By the way, I hope you got help because God knows you needed it.

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Good stuff man! It’s good hearing from a dude on an experience like this.

Btw I’m gonna edit this for paragraphs. Keep in mind that people don’t like reading one big wall of text!