My Creepy Barn House

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I live in Sevierville, Tennessee in an old farm house. My mom rents the place after losing the main house to my dad in court. She has custody of me and my siblings half the time, other than my older brother, Isaac, who lives with her full time after causing so much trouble at my dad’s house.

The house has no installation so I’m left freezing in winter and burning up in summer. The connection here is garbage so its not my favorite place to be other than having my mom near me. But my siblings, they’re another story. Isaac, the oldest at 17, smokes weed all day and all night while eating all of our food. My younger brother, Isaiah at 13, also hogs food and plays his Fortnite all the time. And my younger sister, Emma at 10, shes not so bad but she does get annoying at times. Then there is my mom who works on a teachers salary and has to deal with her horrible kids.

Then there is me, a teenage girl at 14 who is a trashy introvert. But I’m not exactly girly girly with my nails, hair, makeup, ect. I’m a girl who is into books and stuff and I don’t really care how I look. And I’m also not easily frightened by bugs, snakes, and even ghost. But I did find myself in positions with a possible demon and or skinwalker.

This takes place about a year ago at 3 am.
I was heading to bed after watching a movie and plugging my phone up. My phone buzzed, notifying my that I got a text. I put my glasses back on to read the text from my older brother who was texting me in a frenzy. He texted me that he was scared and he needed help, explaining that something was tapping on a metal poll and calling his name.

I honestly thought he was pulling my leg but I felt the fear settle in while my adrenaline began to pump. I searched for my bat, realizing that he could be in danger. I shouldn’t have cared, he was a horrible older brother and a bad influence on my younger siblings. But he was family.

I couldn’t find my bat at all as I searched through the house. I ended up putting my clarinet together and held it like a weapon which I guess was comical for when I told the story to others. But at the moment I saw it as my only option, not a knife or gun, but a clarinet. Poor choice, I know but i just didnt have time to think.

Before i went out the door, I pulled out my phone and texted my girlfriend. I told her how much I loved her and explained that I might not respond the next day. I honestly thpught i was going to die that night. To a psychopath, a murder, I didnt know.

But I still charged out the door where my dog, Cutie, was sitting. She was whimpering and barking out towards the barn, causing me to hesitate more. I clutched my clarinet and and my phone with the flashlight on and started towards the barn, calling for my older brother. Fear twisted in my gut as I moved over the gravel and past the old shed.

Cutie had begun to trot after me and I felt the slightest bit better. I stopped at the later and shined the flashlight up to my brother climbing down it. I felt eyes boar into the back of my head and I shuddered in fear when I heard almost a copy of my own voice projecting behind me in a more twisted and disoriented call of,”Isaac. Isaac. Isaac.”

I have never felt such dread and fear in my entire life. The person or thing was trying to mimic me and I never knew such a sickening feeling could exist. I didnt have the nerve to turn around to confront it but my dog did, letting out a slight growl with her fur standing up.

My brother hopped down and i broke into a sprint to my house with Cutie following up next to Isaac. We got back onto the lit porch where my younger brother was with a large knife in hand. “I-I heard yelling and I wanted to-“Isaiah only began before I pulled him inside, taking Cutie with me. Isaac shut the door and a wave of relief washed over me.

I didn’t sleep that night but I felt safe with Cutie near me. Ive had more experiences but cutie sadly was not alive when they happened. Though we got a new dog, Captain who was a chocolate lab. He might seem scary but he was a gentle giant by nature. This time when a paranormal event happened, I had my 2 closest friends with me.

I have a group that i mainly stick with 3 best friends. Trinity, Trevor, and Jaime. Trevor was the only guy but Trinity, Jaime, and I were actually pretty gay and weren’t like most of the girls so we all fit together well. Trinity and Jaime were staying the night and Jaime is a medium. She senses spirits that are good or bad easily.

That night, we decided to go out to the barn with a Ouija board made out of paper. We sat up in the barn, calling for a spirit. We got one and I sensed that Jaime was tense. As we talked with the spirit, this feeling of someone or something watching me felt strong.

The gaze was coming from above on a rafter of the barn with a strong presence of evil seemed to flood my sense with fear. I felt overwhelmed with emotions such as grief, anxiety, and dread. I looked over to Jaime who seemed to feel it too. “Say goodbye, NOW!”she suddenly ordered and we all quickly moved it to the “goodbye” space.

“We need to leave,”Jaime choked out, tearing the paper up and tossing it down then heading down the ladder with Trinity and me not far behind. We raced back to my house and stayed up late watching a movie. Jaime never came to my house again but I don’t blame her. My house is pretty spooky but the events near that barn, its pure evil I don’t want to deal with.

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