My cousins neighbor

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There are 2 parts to this story. The first part is how it was told to me by my cousin Teresa and the second is my encounter with the spirit.

My cousin and I have always been close, except for the time of the occurrence . We had a big argument which we didn’t talk for a year. Durning the year we werent in contact she became homeless and went to jail for meth. After only a month in jail she got out and started coming back around the family.

Still homeless I felt bad because of the hard time she was having and most night she came to stay with me. Seeing how my husband worked nights and I didnt have to be alone at night.

One night I want to talk about our moms! both of them passed on. My mom first then a year later my aunt (her mom) did. Her and I both were having a hard time with the lost of our moms. I just wanted to be emotional and let her know she had a shoulder to cry on.

I started the conversation off by asking if shes ever saw anything like a ghost or spirit. Does she feel her mom you know stuff like that. She said yes about the spirit and I could tell that it scared the fuck out of her.

She said one night this guy who was a “friend” and neighbor and another guy starting having words with each other. I don’t remember who was the other guy was, but he pulled a machete on her neighbor. Then the neighbor went and got his brass knuckles and switchblade. Durning all that someone else who saw what was happening called the cops. Both guys ended up going to jail. She wasn’t sure what they were charged with.

Now after only a week or two being in jail the neighbor hung himself. She said! Also durning that time all the thieving crackheads that were homeless. Were staying in his house and selling anything and everything that they could. My cousin just stayed in the house and ” had NO part of stealing this man things ” . Which is a fucking lie. Unless She is a very honorable person and only steals from her family.

She told me after he killed himself that night his spirit was seen walking into the house and he let it be known he was pissed off. Her boyfriend and her were in the front room saw him walk by and looked at them. They we’re both high as fuck and thought that was the reason why they can see right through him. So they ran the fuck out the house and left thier stuff behind. She also said at that time no one knew that he died until a few days later.

Out of the blue one night. A few months after she told me about what happened. I decided to look it up to see if it really happened. I thought someone killing themselves in jail would at least be in the newspaper. I googled it and couldnt find anything on it. I tried for about 15 to 20 minutes then all of a sudden there was a negative energy in my room. It was like I felt how pissed off he was and I was scared. I was scared to the point where I turned off my phone, covered my head up and shut my eyes. I uncovered my head at one point and saw a dark figure in the corner of my room.

Then I covered my head up again and I said I’m so sorry it was my cousin not me… I’m so sorry for what my cousin did. For some reason I uncovered my head again and then I saw that the dark figure came a Little Closer to my bed now like a grayish color. I truly hope that hes now at peace.

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