My cousin’s Alien encounter

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This story is not mine but I got this directly from my cousin and two different people who had been there that night. My aunt and uncle live about twenty miles outside of forks Washington in the middle of the woods on a large plot of land.

One night my cousin and his friends had been out joyriding in his truck around the property. They had decided to drive out to the lake the is on the half-way to Port Angeles, Washington (which is an hour away).

He says that they had stopped in a secluded spot to smoke weed and relax. He swore to me that they hadn’t even started the bowl when they saw weird flashing lights in the sky above the lake. One of the girls that was there was begging my cousin to drive back to his house. He decided to listen.

The other teenagers that were there that I talked to said that they watched those lights follow the car all the way to my families property. They swore it looked like a triangular UFO. The teenagers were freaking out, so this meant my cousin was driving recklessly down mountain dirt roads. When they reached the house all of them ran inside.

My cousin grabbed my uncles AK 47, and loaded it. My aunt and uncle were asleep in the other house on the property. The other teens said while he was doing this they could see bright lights flashing in the windows. One of the girls said that she had seen a weird inhuman face looking in the window of the house. My cousin let loose his four massive dogs and walked out and let off a round of bullets. The dogs disappeared in to the woods like they were chasing something.

They said that the lights disappered after that and the group went to my aunt and uncles house and slept in the living room. too scared to be at the other house.

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