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Hello! My name is Becky I am 24 now at the time I was around 3 or 4. I am from a really small town in Virginia We lived on a property my grandparents had bought their was alot of room for everyone to have their own space but on top of the hill was a old house that looked collapsed, when one day I got curious I found that their was newspapers talking about a woman and her baby who had burned in a fire set by the woman’s ex husband on a drunken rage. Their was pieces of their furnature on the property including a crib her fridge and even part of her porch left on the property and it’s still there today. Anyway when I was a child I told my mom I had a baby but she probably couldn’t see her and I would go around holding her and playing with her all the time. My mom assuming most kids have imaginary friends went along with it.

However their was one day I came running through the house screaming and crying asking my mom to hold my baby. She went along pretending to hold her asking me what was wrong. She said I looked at her with the most devistating look saying her mom came up out of the ground and was coming after her baby. And I began piling everything I could pick up in front of the door. Keeping in mind was just a toddler and Not allowed to watch scary movies my mom was genuinely terrified. And just as quick as it started it stopped. A few days later we woke up and their was footprints all over the kitchen my mom then measured and they were way to small to be mine. I think it was a comfort for her terrible anxiety to just make a joke saying I needed to clean up after my baby.

A few years later we had all forgotten about the event until my mom heard me in my room I was about 5 at the time, she said I was whispering into my vent talking to something and when she asked what I was doing I told her my friend was hiding in the heat vent and she wanted to play. This went on for a few more years until again everyone had seemed to have forgotten this again. Occasionally when I was around 16 I would hear things like my wall being scratched way to high up to be a animal. My TV would randomly shut off or change channels. My light cutting off at random. Things like that. One day for no supposed reason I even went into my mom’s room and screamed in the middle of the night then passed out nearly hitting my head on the wall. However when I woke up I had no memory of anything. My mom even heard a woman speak to her one day when she was alone. And my dad heard someone run thru the house when nobody was there. Like I mentioned earlier I’m now 24 and still terrified of this property and still curious to who my friend was, wondering if maybe it was the little girl who passed away in the fire. and maybe I seen her mom that terrifying day too.

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