My Childhood Experience with a Pedophile

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So to start off with is a little background. I am a small female and at the time I was 5, so that means I was even smaller. This happened when I was 5 and walking home from school and I noticed an older guy (around 50 – 60 years old) was staring at me from cross the street as I got off the bus at my bus stop. I used to walk from my bus stop to my house when I was in kindergarten. But I got a really strange feeling as I had been walking home that day, as I looked back I saw the man slowly following me from across the street. My 5 year old self was pretty freaked out but I had stayed calm (surprisingly).

This went on for a month or 2 without incident. I had gotten used too being stared at by the man until one day as I got off the bus…. he was waiting there and smiling that god damn creepy smile. He tried following me home that day, but I ran as fast as my 5 year old legs would carry me all the way home. I told my parents and they reported it, we never heard anything back. So to that creepy pedophile dude who scared the hell out me when I was 5, lets NEVER meet again.

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