My Cat’s Ghost

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This encounter was a rather bizarre one that vividly stands out in my mind. Within the year 2012, a few months following the untimely passing of my beloved pet cat named Sam, me and my family started experiencing weird sightings in the surrounding area. These events are what I strongly believe to be the spirit of Sam.

In my family house, where I lived with my parents and sister, we have a reasonably sized backyard, fenced off by chain link fencing. The back windows of the house had a nice wide view of the yard and neighboring yards as well. I live in a wooded area, so it wasn’t unusual to see all kinds of animals roaming around. But one day, a cat that looked eerily like my cat Sam appeared at the very corner of the yard, right against the chain link fence looking in towards the house. Usually we would tell each other when we’d see cute animals out the window, but this time it was different. We felt uncomfortable after grabbing our binoculars for a closer look, as we didn’t want to go out and startle the cat. It turns out, it had the same fur patterns and eye color as Sam did, even the same body type.

This spooked us a bit, and understandably caused mixed feelings, as it reminded us of our late cat. We continued about our day, but a half hour had passed and the cat was still sitting there, very intently staring at our house. It was uncomfortable to say the least, I didn’t know what the cat’s deal was, but I wished it would find something to do other than creepily stare our way.

A bit more time had passed, and thankfully the cat had left. But I would later get hints that it didn’t leave in the way I had thought. Around this exact same point in time, a weird blue glowing light kept appearing outside over to the east. There are some small homes there, so logically I shrugged it off as a street light or a porch light. But it came on and off at very random moments. It began to bug us as we eventually went over there during the day to observe for any lights in that spot, but we couldn’t find anything.

Things grew more uncomfortable when we finally connected the dots and realized a noteworthy pattern. That mysterious cat continued to come and go over the next couple of weeks. It wasn’t every day, at least I don’t think it was, assuming there may have been days we didn’t notice him. But the days he did appear, it was always soon after those weird lights would appear. The light would flicker on in a strange manner, then a minute later it would go out in the same fashion. It was always minutes later we’d notice the cat, in the same spot, staring at our house.

The cat would stay until the light appear again, just as before, then it would go out once more, never to come back on until the next time the cat appears. At this point I was a little freaked out. It was around this time I did some research, and learned some paranormal encounters involved a portal being opened from their realm, allowing them into ours, which was what I began to believe that strange light was. It sounds ridiculous, but it was all way too coincidental and recurring for me to think otherwise.

2 weeks had passed and we still kept noticing the cat, but we were never able to get close to it. The light persisted as well, following the same pattern, as if the cat was entering the area through a portal. But by this point, while the light was freaking me out, the cat’s presence was beginning to give me a sense of solace. It almost seemed as if it really was Sam, coming back to look after us and see how we were doing after his passing. It’s as if he wanted to let us know that he was okay.

After this dawned on me, I told my family and while they were a bit skeptical, they too began to feel a sense of peace from the encounters. It was at this point, once we had finally accepted it and acknowledged his presence as a positive one, we allowed ourselves to move on with peace of mind knowing he was okay. What made this moment very creepy though, was following this revelation of ours, I finally saw the cat stand up and walk away. Any other time it was seen, it was always just sitting and staring, and we never had seen it move or walk around. So seeing it stand and walk away, was a peculiar sight after all this time.

What really set it all in stone for me though, was the fact the cat walked towards the direction where that previously mentioned light was always appearing. I watched it walk away until it was out of my field of view. But before stepping away from the window I saw that light come on one final time, and judging by the cat’s pace of movement, it appeared just as it reached that spot. After that moment, the light flickered off one last time, never to be seen again, along with the cat who we never saw again.

This experience was a very personal and bizarre one, as it was at a time we were still mourning the loss of Sam. Only to have this mysterious cat appear that looked identical to him, persisting almost daily until we finally accepted everything and were able to move forward, coupled with the weird blue light. I sincerely think it was Sam coming back to show us in a subtle manner, that he was fine. And I believe that light was associated with some portal to and from the afterlife. It all just seemed to fit together perfectly with what we witnessed.

Of course, it’s always entirely possible it was all a huge coincidence with logical explanations, and me and my family could have just been thinking too deeply about it. But nevertheless, it certainly spooked us, but in the end, gave us a sense of peace we needed. Sam was a very beloved part of our family, as I’m sure is a sentiment most pet owners would feel about their pets, especially ones they have had for a long time. So I feel that was his way of saying his final goodbye, and showing us that he was at peace himself, and stuck around watching us with concern until he knew we were also at peace, a sign that his work was done, and he could finally rest.

Rest in Peace, Sam. And if that was indeed you… Thank you.

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