My aunt’s dog

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I never dreamed of ever living at my aunt’s house; this is especially because I have visited beforehand. Her house is rather well-kempt altogether, yet I didn’t feel safe there. Visiting over the years, I knew it was not my aunt’s fault or any of the family members that would come over there. No, looking back, It was both her dog and horse that made me feel uneasy. The dog’s name was Baby, a medium-sized, slender mutt with a large appetite. The horse, on the other hand, was named Darren, a large horse who also ate as Baby had. It wasn’t just because they were animals; I, for one, knew I loved animals of every sort. I pondered over why for over an eternity but being here now reminded me well.

I arrived here somewhere around my birthday, carrying loads of boxes and bags. The first day felt like I was carrying the world on my back, and uncertainty itself was high. Weeks had passed and I grew very fond of my aunt. It was but a few months later that we received a dog whose owner was murdered. The previous owner’s sister is the one that ended up bringing the mutt here. She seemed normal at first, but I found her staring discomforting. I would never give her table scraps, but she came to me all the time. In the middle of the night sometimes, she would sleep outside my door with her short, bristled coat against it. She always made me feel like something was wrong, but there was no danger I could find. Whatever the case, I tried to leave my door open for her, but she refused to come in. The few times I did get her to be in here at all, she would quickly want to head back out.

Darren was alike but different when it came to the strange occurrences around me. Instead of being too close, he’d often run off as he suddenly was scared by something similar to how he acts if he accidentally gets sprayed with the water hose. To say the least, it was always in the opposite direction of where I stood.

Recently, I’ve been staying around the dog more often than not, because of my uncertainty. I felt like something had to be wrong. I know I shouldn’t be paranoid about what a few animals are behaving like. For all I know, that could just be the way they act.

That all changed yesterday night. I was alone in my home with only Baby and the sound of water running through pipes present. About 1:00 AM in the morning, I heard a subtle scratching at my door. I could hear the dog’s familiar sniffing and whining as she tried to make her presence known. I opened the door only to see her immediately leave towards the living room. I could only guess that she wanted food at the time. However, she seemed to change her mind about wanting me around entirely. She stared at me with a sort of hostility that I have never seen from her. Her teeth bared when I got to close. Backing up from her, I felt myself bump into something that was only solid for a moment. My entire form froze, absolutely refusing to look behind me, yet I felt slight relief come over me as I see that Baby looked like her usual self. I even tried to force an elbow back just to check that it was no longer there.

Without seeing a sign of whatever I had made contact with, I had switched nearly all the lights on and refused to sleep. Even with the lights on here, I still could almost make out the sound of footsteps outside, crunching across the frozen ground. My heart had sunk and fluttered multiple times as this entity was practically toying with my sense of security. For what seemed like hours, I could hear it outside and then it could be heard strutting quickly down the hallway at the far end of the house. I held Baby closer, feeling as though she was my only guardian over the night. Whatever this creature was, making itself known for a single night. I do not wish to come across it again. Then it dawned on me. The horse and the dog must have seen something that I had not. Something that had been with me forever now, just beyond my sight. It is only now that it is getting tired of hiding.

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