Mothman is stalking me

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I don’t know where to begin. This has been happening to me for so long that I’ve grown quite Accustomed to it. I don’t want people to think I’m crazy and i haven’t told anyone this before, but I figure now is the best time to get this off my chest…so here it goes.

I live in Arcadia Michigan, back in the woods, the nearest neighbor is about a mile a way. I love it out here its quiet and cozy and for anyone who has ever seen a Michigan fall the colors are amazing. We have back country roads the type of roads that are barely traveled by cars but are amazing for walks pretty much anytime you’re wanting to go.

This was maybe late fall that the first occurence happened.  I was 11..and just for reference I’m now 21. I had my best friend over and for the sake of this story lets call her Anna; we were bored and on Thanksgiving break Anna and I decided we wanted to take a late night walk so I agreed we grabbed out sweaters and headed out.

It wasnt too late maybe 9 or 10 the sky was lit by a full moon and the air smelled crisp and clean. On our walk I decided to tell Anna about my aunt’s “encounter” with the dog man…Anna was always scared of the dog man and instantly got scared wanting to head home. I apologized to Anna and we continued on we got about a half a mile down the road when we stopped at an old abandoned house that we always passed but never went in.

We had our backs to the main road as we walked around the house and started to walk the trail that looped around the house again went into a corn field through the woods and in to my back yard..basically lets just say it was a longer way to walk home. Anna was scared she didnt want to go into the woods due to the fresh dog man story that I had no doubt was playing in her mind. I again calmed her down and informed her that this way was quicker and if we turned back around now it would be a longer walk back. She agreed to put her big girl panties on and continue walking with me, although now that I think about it I wish I would of flaked and walked home the normal way now.

We got into the woods and thats when all the crazy stuff happened. I heard a flapping of wings over heard of us. It wasnt birds but something massive and huge. I looked over at Anna and she was frozen in her tracks looking pale. “Anna did you hear that” I asked at a low whisper. “Hear what?” Anna asked with her eyes still glued to the night sky. Letting me know that yes she had heard it too. I tugged on her hand and she stumbled into a walk again I started walking faster making sure to keep my head down and my hand around Anna’s hand. I instructed her to do the same if only to glance up to see where we were going. My thought at the time was: If I didnt see it. It wasn’t real.

Skip forward about 5 minutes of quick walking and we’re alnost home. I’m thinking a 10 minute sprint at most when we heard the flapping noise again and what sounded like a big tree branch snapping and thudding to the ground. I squeezed Anna’s hand tighter in mine and yelled “run!” as we both picked up speed we ran as fast as our legs could carry us, the woods were blurring, I heard Anna sobbing and breathing heavily behind me, but I didnt stop I only had my eyes forward and set on the porch light I could shinning through the night sky. I didnt stop I didnt faulter or stumble because I was scared. I could heard much louder steps coming from behind us, I could hear they werent too far behind us. Just as Anna and I broke through the tree line. The person or thing following us stopped. I practically dragged Anna inside of the house slamming and locking the back door and shutting off the porch light. Luckily my parents were still gone for the evening.

“What was that?!” Anna screamed at me with spit flying from her mouth and she had her hands on her knees bent over slightly. I couldnt tell if she was pissed at me for making her run or just simply terified. I smashed my finger to my lips and knelt down below the window of the back door motioning Anna to do the same. She quickly complied. We sat there for what seemed like hours but only must of been twenty minutes. I got the courage to stand up and peep outside the window. When I did I saw two glowing read eyes staring back at me. Anna was about to stand up but I stopped her. I didnt want her seeing this. I didnt see much. I saw the creature was tall, black, and had huge wings. But the most that caught me were the eyes. I stared into those eyes for a good thirty seconds and in those thirty seconds I felt relief, like I could some how trust this monster, I reached up and about unlocked the door when Anna cut me off and slapped my hand causing me to look away from those red eyes and down at her. “What are you doing?” she whispered fiercely, I shook my head before I replied that I wasnt about to do anything. A car door slammed from the front of the house causing both of us to shut up. Anna bolted knowing that my parents were back home. I glanced one more time out back before leaving but I didnt see anything back there anymore.

I really wish this story ended here, maybe for Anna it does because as far as I know she never seen this “thing” again. I really didnt walk at night anymore. I didnt go out in the woods anymore either after that incident. But,somehow the mothman or whatever this thing is seemed to get bolder and less scared of the house. Late at night I could hear tapping on the window or here the door knobs jiggle and something trying to come through.  This thing got smarter it never came around when I was around other people always when I was alone.

One night I forgot to close my blinds and seen the creature with its bright red eyes looking in at me I quickly hid under my blankets and peeked back out but it was gone.

By the time I was 19 I moved out of my parents house. They still live there. I dont know if they have had anything happen to them, I moved down to Florida and since moving I havent seen this creature…maybe he’s just taking time to catch up with me. Maybe the Florida heat is too much for him..I dont know. But I hope he stays gone for good.

Thanks for reading my story maybe later I’ll share my Aunt’s story of the dogman. But for now sweet frights and happy screams. 🙂

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