Mothman in West Virginia

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I am an Asian male, black hair, 13 years old,  weigh about 160 pounds and I stand about 5 foot and I’m also colorblind. Now that is cleared up, I can continue with my moth man  experience.

My family moved to  Point Pleasant West Virginia about 3 years ago, where allegedly the mothman was first found. My mom picked a quite  neighborhood, and I was kinda happy because that mean i would have more peace and quiet. But sadly we had to move again, due to this   problem.

It was a Friday night and I just got out of school, my friend Tony asked me if I wanted to go see a movie?

I happily said yes because I didn’t wanted to walk alone back home, and I  always felt watched.

Me and Tony walked to the local movie theaters, and there was about 40 people there. And it took us  awhile to get some popcorn. After we got it, we took our’s seat and watch the movie. After that, Tony walked me back to my house because I was too scared.

Along the way we felt some air hits us even though there was no wind that night, and we could feel something watching us. Not even 5 minutes later, we saw something moved in the bush cliché and  all of a sudden a man jumped out of the bushes but it didnt looked like a man, it had wings on it.

Tony freaked out and pulled out his  pocket knife, all the while I stand there scared shitless.

I didn’t know what to do, so I told Tony to run for it. He ran and I followed,  even though we ran as fast as we can, I can still hear wings flapping above us.  I started to think about how the moth man could scoop down and take one of us.

I started crying while running and I think that what made me stop for some air.

The mothman landed and  pinned me to the ground so I could barely move,  luckily I could reach my pocket and grab a metal pointed mechanical pencil.  I stabbed the mothman and he let me go,  I didn’t know I could stab someone that hard. I was surprised because I’m the fat kid that can’t even lift a 30 pounded weight, and stabbing a hardcore monster that looks pretty built, is kind of achievement that most people won’t get to have. Anyway, I started running again and my left  side started hurting because I was running too much.

I saw Tony calling someone on his iPhone 5s, I looked back and saw that the mothman flapping his wings towards us,  I know it’s a bad time to say it but that wind felt amazing  against me. But it had this foul odor, so I stop  enjoying it and told the mothman to fuck off and leave us alone.

Tony ran again but this time I ran first back to my house. I didn’t see the mothman again for about a couple month later, this time he was foolish to attack me in broad daylight with Tony again. Because this time Tony had this sharp knife that could cut a leaf if it falls on it.

We were still afraid of it but we didn’t show it, Tony ran up to him and made a deep cut on him. Oddly the blood was green, and just a tiny drop fell on the concrete sidewalk, the mothman looked at us  confuse and whisper these chilling words. ” i’m all around you at night, you can’t hide from me. I see you when you sleep, I see you when you go outside”.

I told him to fuck the hell off and started to run with Tony following behind me. We called the cops after we got home, and I felt so  stupid that I didn’t call the cops earlier. And before we told the cops where we saw the mothman, it started to rain. Completely erasing the mothman DNA from existence.

Me and Tony aren’t good friends anymore because I moved away from that town. And I  haven’t seen the moth man for about 2 1/2 years now so great,  and I told my mom and my sister about the story but they don’t believe me.  And sometime I can still feel wind above me even  though there’s no wind.

Hopefully this story find Tony so we can talk again about this  encounter and how it made us shit bricks.

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