Moth Man river Encounter

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Most people don’t believe me when I tell them this. Heck, I’ve had girlfriends aplenty break up with me because they thought I was lying, but I swear on my beautiful mother’s grave that it’s true. I punched the moth man.

“Now hold up!” you might say, “the moth man is more powerful than any mortal”, and with that, I may agree. But I have trained in martial arts for many years, and if anyone could get a jab in, it would be me. Trust me, you don’t want to make me mad. But enough about me, let me begin the story proper.

It was my beautiful sister’s wedding. She had decided to hold it outdoors by the river where we used to play when we were kids. She’s wiccan, so there were a lot of wards and totems around the wedding site. To this day, I believe that’s why the moth man didn’t accost the wedding party directly. Anyway, it was a great wedding. All my cousins were there and we played beer pong, as is tradition in my family. We then all took our seats, as father walked my sister down the aisle, but when she arrived next to her husband-to-be, she let out the ghastliest scream I’ve ever heard. She pointed to the river, which, to everyone’s surprise, was running red with blood.

Now, discoloration of the river was normal, as it was located downstream of the runoff for a chemical processing plant, but it would usually be a blueish or white color. Me and a couple of the boys decided to go investigate. The other guys armed themselves with whatever they could find at the wedding site, be it branches, knives, you name it, but I decided to go on unarmed, or rather, armed with my fists, due to my aforementioned martial arts training.

As we followed the river, the river became redder and redder, some of the younger guys went back, but me and my two uncles, both experienced hunters, continued on. Eventually we came to a clearing, where our worst fears would prove to be correct. The mauled cadaver of a mountaineer had been thrown violent into the river, where it was caught on a jagged rock. There was a clear set of prints heading into the forest, but my uncles, despite being expert trackers, couldn’t identify the species. They agreed that this would be a matter best left to the park ranger, but I couldn’t leave it be.

If there’s one thing that makes my blood boil, it’s injustice. I couldn’t just stand idly by as some ferocious wild animal runs around killing people, so I went into the woods. And there I saw it. Now, I wasn’t into cryptozoology at the time, so I had no idea this wasn’t just your average critter. I did, however, note its appearance. It was just as much sickening and disgusting as it was strangely beautiful, but none of that mattered to me at the time. All I knew was that this monster might threaten my sister’s wedding, and I had to put and end to it.

When I approached it, it let out a banshee screech. I plugged my ears with my fingers. It swiped after me with its wings, I ducked. Sensing an opening I struck and then…

It withdrew. It didn’t look afraid, mind you. In fact, despite my intensive training it would probably have been able to tire me out and defeat me in a fight. I think the reason it withdrew was respect. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was the first one who had challenged it like this, but I was just happy it was gone.

We promptly relocated the wedding party and to this day, I’ve never gone back to that river. I just pity the next poor soul who isn’t as brave as I was.

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You punched the Mothman? Okay, I don’t even know where to start with how crazy that sounds.