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I’m L816 I’m 17 and it was last month on the 30th it was 8 days since my grandmother died. I went to the woods to go for a walk to the spot were I smoke my pot. I got to the spot and placed my 6.5×52 carcano rifle by my left side.

I pulled my pipe,lighter,and weed out. I was about to load the bowl of my pipe when I heard my grandmother’s voice coming from behind me. I turned quickly putting my contraband up thinking it was a game warden who was trying to catch some poachers but to my surprise she was standing there staring at me.I asked who she was and she responded in a distorted voice said”It’s me your grandma.”.

I the grab my rifle and chambered a round and said”You are supposed to be dead.”. It then charged at me opening it’s mouth revealing sharp teeth while stretching it’s arms out.I shot and hit it in the chest and it fell to the ground and it let out out a scream that sounded like a coyote,bear,and woman mixed together.

It then got up from the ground and looked to me obviously wounded and started slowly backing away and I loaded another round in my rifle and fired again and again it hit the ground and let out that unearthly scream.

It got back up bleeding heavily and before it started struggling to back away it said”Next time you’re mine.”. After I let it retreat I loaded another round and took my knife and medical tape out and taped it to my rifle and I slowly and carefully head back to my vehicle. When I got to my truck I turned and looked at the treeline and at my horror it was standing at the treeline so I fired my rifle again this time hitting it’s arm then I got in my truck and drove as fast as I could.

I believe what I encountered that day was a skinwalker.

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