Monster in the woods

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Before I start this story, I want to say that during this story, I was 13 years old. I live in a medium-sized town close to a forest preserve (like 2 minutes away) Me and my family often walk down the trails. They curve up and down and every way, so it’s hard to see ahead.

At this time, it was October, but there were still leaves on the trees.

One day after school, I came home and put my bag down on the ground, and went to the kitchen, which overlooks the backyard. In the backyard, there was some creature the size of a grown man on the ground, about 10 feet away from me, and even though it was still moderately bright outside, it was pitch-black. it seemed like a shadow peeled itself off of the ground and crouched down.

All of my breath was taken from my lungs and I just stood there. Eventually, it looked at me and froze, it’s black eyes drilling into my soul.

Then, it stood up and revealed its legs. Unnaturally long though, and with impossible speed, it ran towards the fence and jumped over. I was so shocked that I just stood there with a shocked expression on my face. I soon broke out of my shock and being the stupid teenager I was, I ran outside onto the street, looking both ways. on the left, I saw it. It saw me as well and ran down the street.

It eventually ran down the path to the forest preserve and I followed. Walking down the path, I noticed something weird. It was quiet. And I mean like it was absolutely silent. No cicadas, no crickets, no nothing.

I was slightly weirded out by this but kept on walking down the path. About halfway down the path, I saw it.

That… THING. It was standing over a dead deer in the middle of the road, feeding on it.

I again, couldn’t move, as I was frozen in shock. Then, it looked over and spotted me, and let out the loudest, most earsplitting screech I’ve ever heard, and started running towards me. I started to run back, faster than I’ve ever run before.

I guess adrenaline can do some pretty weird things. When I got back to the entrance of the trail, I looked back and saw it close behind me. I ran home and slammed the door behind me and collapsed on the couch. I was exhausted and terrified. It walked outside for some time and then left.

When my mom got back, I didn’t tell her, knowing that she wouldn’t believe me. I’ve never told anyone, and I hope this is the right place to do so. I’ve never seen that thing again and I hope it stays that way, so weird forest monster, let’s NOT meet again.

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