Miss Baron

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trigger warning: suicide)

Life throws us off balance sometimes. Things happen, and we hit rock bottom. That’s what I went through. My parents split up due to my father’s alcohol problem, and my brother, Dylan, and I agreed that we both wanted to stay with my mother. My father made not objections, I don’t think he wanted to waste the money on a court case. He just wanted to sit in his little apartment and drink. So, after the divorce my mother, my brother and I had to find a place to live. We were able to find cheaper housing in a small town rather than living in the big city. It was your usual run down place. The whole town was very traditional and dull. I don’t think I had ever seen the sun whilst we lived in that town. Within the town were your usual things: police station, restaurants, library, a few cafes, a bus station where I had never seen any buses, a gym and, of course, a school. The school is the main setting of this story.

It was a grey building, made by metal and not brick. The doors were automatic, and their playground was just a strip or tarmac in the back of the school with a few benches. I would have complained to my mother about the school, but I didn’t want to make her more stressed than she was. She was already working 2 dead end jobs, and barely got time to herself between me and Dylan needing fed. Therefore, my brother and I sucked it up and went to school.

I stayed on the edge of society in my school; sitting alone at lunch, sitting at the back of the class, not really talking to people. However, one day, I met a girl in the cafeteria. I hadn’t noticed her before, but when I did, she entranced me. Now, being a lesbian in a small town is a big no-no. So, I pulled my eyes away from her and looked down at my unappetising lunch. I pushed food around my plate and she sat down across from me at my table. I look at her. She was dressed in dark clothing; a Panic! At The Disco shirt and black ripped jeans. She had her hair dyed blue, which matched her eyes and stood out from her pale complexion. She was gorgeous, and my breath hitched in my throat.

“Hello,” she said with a smirk plastered on her face. I smiled back and nodded, muttering something like ‘sup’. She looked around the room, surveying it, before turning to look at me again, “you don’t have friends. Why?”

Her blunt nature took me off guard, so I replied sarcastically, “Hi, my names Lilly, what’s yours?” The girl squinted her eyes but seemed like she was holding back a laugh.

“Fine, my name is Sarah. Now, why don’t you have friends? It’s not safe in this school not to have friends. You shouldn’t go anywhere alone.” Sarah said all this whilst regarding her nails, like what she had just said wasn’t the weirdest thing ever. When she looked up from her nails, she must have noticed my confused expression, because she chuckled, “I guess you don’t know about the ghosts, huh?”

“Ghosts?” I pushed my plate to the side and leaned forward to Sarah without even realising it. I couldn’t help myself, and she didn’t seem notice and/or care as she did the same.

“Yup! Ghosts. See, this school has a history. The school seems to make students commit suicide. The school has been here for over 60 years, and about 30 people have tried to commit suicide inside the school, and most succeeded, and let’s not even start with the ones that tried in their own home. They all leave notes, and they all have the same name in common, ‘Miss Baron’.” She told me in a hushed tone, like she was telling me a secret.

“Wh-who’s Miss Baron?” I asked, matching her tone. I was trying to think about why the school hadn’t been shut down. Sarah smirked as she saw the cogs turning in my head.

“She was a head mistress in the 70’s. She was a horrible women, who shouted at everyone. I think she even put a few students and teacher in hospital by beating them up so bad. Everyone was too scared to get her fired. That’s when the first suicide happened. A student who was dealing with their own demons had been shouted at by her everyday since they arrived. So they had enough, and hung themselves. In the suicide note, it said “I will haunt Miss Baron for the rest of eternity.”.”

I sat stunned. How had I never heard about this! I had been at this school for 2 months, and no one had said anything to me, or my brother. Sarah could see my fascination by the story. “I wouldn’t suggest you go and find these ghosts, but the best place to see them is the changing rooms, that’s where most of them died.” Then, Sarah stood up without having eaten any of her food and then dumping it in the bin and leaving. I thought about what she had said, and I decided that I would stay in the school after it closed and see the ghosts. I had my phone, my charger and some change for the vending machine. Plus, my mother wouldn’t be home tonight. This was my chance. My brother wasn’t too fussed, as he was going to be hanging out with his friends tonight.

The school day dragged on, and once all the classes were finished I went to the bathroom and locked myself in the cubicle. I watched some Jacksepticeye on Youtube and when the school was empty I snuck to the vending machine and bought a few snacks which I ate rather quickly. I know, I know. Not a healthy dinner, but it tasted good. When it got to 9pm, I turned on the flash on my phone and started to record. I wanted to show Sarah the ghosts, and show her how brave I was. I know it was stupid, but still.

I made to the changing room, and I slowly open the door which creeks. This doesn’t help my nerves. I suck in a deep breath and shine my light into the changing room. It stinks of sweat and metal. It’s grimy and dirty. I don’t know why this would be the most popular place for ending your life, but I carried on. It was deathly quiet. The only sounds were my breathing and my steps. I stepped fully into the room.

“Hello? Is…is anyone there?” My stutters echoed in the empty room, and there was no reply. I sighed, and walked in further. The darkness of the room was thick, like oil. Without my light, I would have been utterly blind. My feet tentatively felt out before stepping, and I tried my best to keep my hands steady so that the recording would be clear. About 5 minutes had passed, and I was beginning to think that Sarah was just joking with me, or that she was dared to try and trick me. I rolled my eyes, and I turned around and then screamed out in terror when I saw Sarah standing behind me with her smirk. At least, I thought I saw her, but she wasn’t there anymore. I breathed in deeply, before hearing scratching along the wall behind me. I turned around quickly and saw nothing, even with the light of my phone. My breathing quickened with fear, and I was contemplating on leaving, but I felt this pull in my guy which told me to investigate further.

In the changing rooms, there are also bathrooms. I could hear running water coming from there and of course being the idiot I am, I decided to enter the bathrooms. The running water was coming from an overflowing sink. I turned off the water, and I just realised the water had covered the sound of crying. It was the wails of a young boy, coming from the bathroom stall opposite of the of the sink. I went to push it open, but the voice yelled at me with a weird drone in his tone.


As soon as I stepped back, the door flung itself open and the bathroom cubicle was empty. I stepped back, recording everything. That was it, I decided. I ran to the exit of the changing room and I went to open the door but it was locked. There is no lock on the door. I was pulling with all my might, but it wouldn’t budge. I could hear Sarah laugh behind me, and I looked behind me to see her in the same dark clothing, with red oozing from her eyes, her mouth and her ears. I screamed, the door opened and I ran out.

I found out the next day Sarah was not currently a student at the school. She has been dead for a few years. I don’t know why she approached me, but my best guess is to try and tell the story of the students and teachers who died thanks to Miss Baron and her abuse.

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