Megalodon encounter

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The Megalodon is largest shark to have ever existed. It swam in our waters over 2 million years ago and it went extinct due to lack of food and the first ice age. I thought that this monster was supposed to be extinct but now I’m starting to doubt it after my experience with this monster.

My name is Daniel and I’m a 17 year old teenage boy and I have always been fascinated by the sea and what treasures it holds. My Dad and I usually go out on our yacht once or twice a week to see if there are any passing whales or dolphins swimming of the coast.

After being on the yacht for twenty minutes, we finally came across a pod of Sperm Whales. I’ve dived with Sperm Whales many times before so I got my scuba gear on and dove into the water.

The water was very clear and I could see the whales from where my boat was. There had to be at least 13 of them from what I saw. The water was very clear, almost to clear but what did it matter. I began swimming towards the whales and then I looked down. The water below me was very dark and murky. Just looking at it made me feel a bit on edge.

Just as I was about to continue swimming, I spotted movement in the dark abyss. I didn’t see it very well but I thought it must be a Sperm Whale but even that thought made me feel a bit worried. I continued to look for what that thing might be but I saw nothing. I didn’t know whether to go back to my Dad or to go to the whales. Eventually, I decided to go back to my Dad. Then in the corner of my eye I saw something swimming directly beneath me.

My eyes widened at what I saw. It was no whale that’s for sure. It was huge. It looked to be almost 72 feet long, it had a triangle like head, it had a fin around 6 feet high, and it had a tail like a shark. Thhen the realisation hit me, it was a shark but not like any shark i had ever seen. It was 72 feet long and was swimming directly beneath me.

The shark was swimming towards the pod of whales. I wanted to swim back to my Dad but what if it detected my vibrations whilst I swam. I watched as the shark dove back into the abyss. I saw this as an opportunity to get back to my Dad. I took the chance and swam. Within seconds, I was hauling myself onto the boat. I removed my mask from my face and and I was panting hard like a dog.

My Dad came over and asked me what was wrong. He could see with the expression on my face that I was terrified. I told him about what I saw and he gave me a face of confusion.

Suddenly the water behind us exploded. I turned instantly and saw the shark with a whale in its jaws. My Dad immediately ran over to the engine and turned it on. The boats engine roared to life and we were out of there.

After a few days, we went back to the same location the shark attacked the whale at. There was a carcass of the whale, or what was left of it. The only part that remained of the whale was it’s tail.

That experience happened 2 years ago and the only kind of shark that it could have been was the Megalodon. I tried to tell people about my experience but no-one believes me. I have heard reports of the Megalodon but they all turn out to be false. If anyone is planning to go swimming then keep this in mind, you never know what could be swimming below you.

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