Maybe It Was A Skinwalker?

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(I posted this over on the sub-reddit but wasn’t sure if it was actually ran by darkness prevails, so I figured I’d submit it here just in case. If this isn’t allowed feel free to delete.)

I work at a freight company in southwest Ohio on third shift. I’m the yard guy, which means I move trailers and box trucks around the yard and put them into the docks.

We have two poorly lit lots in the back of the building that I frequently have to walk back to, aptly named ‘Back Lot 1’ and ‘Back Lot 2’. This is where the semi-trucks are kept for moving the trailers.

I usually keep a headphone in one of my ears to listen to podcasts or music, the other ear is left open, so I can hear if people call me over the radio.

Anyways, there have been some coyote sightings on the property lately. This is odd because we are in a warehouse district virtually void of any woodland. I have personally seen a coyote in back lot 1 once or twice but it usually keeps its distance. The first time, I was in my car driving around the lot to look for trailers left behind. I spotted it out of my driver’s side window some ways off. It seemed like a normal coyote, no big deal.

The second time seeing the coyote, I was getting out of a semi to hook up a trailer to move. Immediately as I stepped out of the truck, I felt a presence, as if someone was directly behind me. I turned and noticed what looked to be a large, reddish dog staring at me, but from afar, maybe 50 yards away. As I looked closer, I recognized it as the coyote I had spotted before. It was just much larger than I remembered. I also took them for skittish animals, I didn’t think that they would stare you down like this. But I shrugged it off as a misjudgment of size from the first time and some territorial behavior.

This was around a month or so ago and I hadn’t seen the coyote again, until today. When I was out moving trailers around this morning, I felt that presence again. But this time, that feeling of being watched was amplified by a sense of dread. As if there was a predator actively hunting me.

Look, sometimes I can be paranoid. Some of the podcasts that I listen to certainly don’t help with that. But knowing this about myself, I tried to put it out of my mind turned on some music and went about my business.

Fast forward to around 2:00 am. I dropped off one of the trailers in back lot 1 and got out of the truck to crank down the dolly legs. That’s when I heard someone call my name, “Mike”. The voice, had a bit of a static undertone, like it came from the radio. I picked up the radio to call to my boss “Anybody call for me?”. He responded a simple “Nope”. Like I said before, I’m a bit paranoid, but that voice was not imagined. I heard it. This was enough to make me turn off my music until I was done moving trailers in the yard.

When I finally finished it was around 3:45 am and I had to take the semi back to back lot 2 to drop it off for the driver that comes in later. I finished backing the semi into its spot and when I turned the engine off and opened the door, I heard a long drawn out voice call “Mmmiiiicccchhhaaaaeeeelllll…..”. It sounded a lot like my boss calling me on the walkie talkie but more like it was coming through an old record player or phonograph.

Not having my music on, I knew right away this wasn’t my boss over the radio. The voice had come from directly in front of me. I looked up to see that coyote staring at me. It was a good 75 yards from me at that point, “But how had it sounded so close?” I thought. The scariest part was it looked like it was smiling, distorting it’s features so that the edges of its mouth curved to look more human like. I stared back at the coyote and did the only thing that came to my mind. I yelled at it. “Get! Go on get outta here!” The coyote’s reaction was not something I would have expected. It began to stand on its hind legs.

As it did this, I could hear bones cracking, flesh being contorted and displaced. Its shape became slightly more human, with the exception of its legs and head, but paws dangled from its arms where its hands should be. As it was reaching an upright position, I had already closed the door on the semi shutting myself back in. The things mouth widened into a bigger grin exposing just how many razor-sharp teeth this thing has. I started the truck thinking my only way out may be to run this thing over and head back to the dock where my coworkers were, as well as some more illumination. I guess this thing took the truck starting as a challenge and it bolted towards me.

Its movement was, unnatural. It had this awkward gait, but still faster than I’ve seen any human run. I slammed the gas pedal down and the truck took off. If you’ve ever seen someone try to gun a semi from idle, then you know I wasn’t going very fast at all. Just when I was about to hit this thing, it jumped to the side of the truck, ran to the edge of the back lot 2 and jumped the fence with ease into a small patch of trees.

I kept driving and pulled the truck up to our dock for the refuge of the warehouse. As I stepped out of the truck I could hear a distorted howl from the distance, I quickly looked around the lot from the dock, but I couldn’t see anything.

Hopefully that’s the last I see of this thing. When I got into the office my boss asked me why I had brought the semi up to the dock and I told him that the coyote was back where I was supposed to leave it and I didn’t feel safe getting out and walking back.

I couldn’t tell him what I saw, he wouldn’t believe me. I’d be surprised if anyone believes me. I’m afraid to go back to work tonight. I can’t even seem to get to sleep now. Every time I close my eyes I see that grin.

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