Massachusetts skinwalker, (edited

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This took place in the early 2010’s, I was either 7 or 6 years old when this happend, I was in my backyard camping since I’ve never been camping before and my parents thought it would be fun, I felt off, when ever I feel off I tell my mum a lot but I brushed it off. An hour passes and my mum and dad decided it’s time to hit the sack, we crawled in the tent and dozed off, then I woke up, being a 6 year old I didn’t know the exact time it was but I needed to use the bathroom, I crawled over to my mum and rubbed her shoulder slightly and said I needed to pee, she grumbled and told me to go outside near the tree, my old house had a long hedge that surrounded our house blocking off the neighbors, the tree was in a corner with the leaves covering my head, I walked over and used the bathroom, I remember that there was no sound what so ever, no late night crickets or rabbits or anything, but I remember a noise, my mums voice mixed with a animal noise and radio static then I felt a feeling of dread and I heard a rustling noise, in front of me was the hedge and a metal fence with an opening, I nearly screamed, I saw a grey/pale looking creature with withered skin, it looked about 7 feet tall and it looked lik it had fur almost, like a broken dog or something, then I gasped, I regret it though.It looked at me with yellow/ golden eyes, it just stared at me and it’s jaw unhinged, I froze in fear. I felt a warm liquid running down my face, I was crying in fear, I screamed and ran back to the tent, no one woke up, I was so scared I crawled next to my mum and slept. Hours later It was morning and my parents were cleaning up, we never camped in our back yard agian since I always refused, I telling this years later and I have never told anyone, I moved out of that state, if I didn’t mention it I lived in Massachusetts, I also just remeber I used to play outside alone in the back yard and just feel like I was being watched, I plan on telling my mum soon, I never want to go back to my old house agian.


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